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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Achievement Unlocked: New Baby & Site Design

Just recorded 3 videos with my new baby, the HDC-TM 700. This is what came from that adventure.

Double-click or go Fullscreen to really see the difference!
I recorded 2 Linux videos and one for Logitech, all of which should be up by next week.

So far, what do you think?


  1. Bash Vi says:

    Hey Nixie

    How about offering your videos as html5-videos too?
    I know that you are a big fan of opensource and I think you could really support me and other Linux users who do not want to use flash, by offering your videos in the WebM format.

    • Lennie says:

      @Bash Vi

      I think if she wanted to do that, she would need to put the files on her own site and pay for the disk space and bandwidth.

      Also I would like to say, you should not bash vi 😉

  2. K. Hendrik says:

    Uhh, thy for the link to camcorder info. Didn’t know Panasonic was that good was kind of fixated on Canon and Sony (looking for a camcorder myself).
    How good is the compatibility with Linux? especially Ubuntu?

  3. icarus says:


    You are awesome…looking forward to more of your videos..
    linux as well as the logitech gig that you were upto….[i voted :x]


  4. icarus says:


    correction [ i voted :-*]


  5. Lufred says:

    =( i can’t see the video, there is just a black screen…

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