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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


An Idea Worth Spreading?

Here is a new video where I explain a new segment that I hope to explore with you.

(don’t mind the crazy preview image, ha!)

  • Econael

    I love TED. I have the RSS Feed and I watch every video. Yes every one, that’s why I still have a hundred unwatched TED videos (some of them I’ve already seen but the RSS feed reset a few times).

    The really good TED videos are educational and very motivational (at least for humanists like me).

    As far as the website TED goes, I hardly ever use it, only when I link the video to someone else or when I need extra info on the talkee.

    There’s also PopTech, which seems to be similar to TED but I haven’t had time to watch their videos yet.

    TED is awesome, they should show these vids in schools.

  • Enk

    I like the idea of favourite websites, and TED is right up on my list.

    I remember seeing Dr. Taylor’s talk and it piqued my curiosity, but for some reason I figured that the book would be fairly obscure and that I’d never find it in stores. About a month later I was on a trip in Chicago and saw the book in a little shop, and bought it immediately. I was quite proud of my find.

    When I got home I showed my family the stuff I had bought on my trip, and proceeded to talk about the book and the story behind it, much like you did in the video. Then my mom said “yeah, that’s a pretty good book.”. It turns out that she had had the book the whole time. Blah.

    Good book though.

  • John R

    You can also become a TED Associate for free, and schedule meetups and TED-associated events, even use TED talks in the event (subject to some easy conditions) for free IIRC… Good Stuff!

  • baz

    i am loving the autobot tee!!!!
    The ‘best of and worst of’ the net is a goood idea. i look forward to seeing more critique 😀

    TED is awesome btw!

  • Do you really think anyone is going to hate anything the lovely and amazingly gorgeous Nixie does?

    that being said i love the idea and think it’s a great idea 😀 keep up the great work.

  • Paul

    Nixie, what do you think about the latest Firefox, version 3.6?

    Did you get to download and use it, its personas?

    It’s downloaded more than 13.5 million times worldwide in just a few days.