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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Anonymous Hackers – Freedom Fighters?

Operation Payback is a protest launched by hacker group ‘Anonymous’ to bring down unethical websites and campaigns (such as the most recent trial of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange )

What do you think about it?

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  1. DasJepix says:

    This is absolutely necessary. Attention on the internet is everything. People bay billions of hard cash worldwide to be able to reach out and simply get viewers attention, and on the internet, not being seen is not existing.

    To remove access to a site is to remove the site, and in protest ways you don’t get any more powerful in your message. I think anything is viable when you protest, and Anonymous has grown into a force that can turn scales.

    I salute them.

  2. Econael says:

    It’s good that they do what they do.
    You forgot to mention their attacks on the “Church of Scientology” and also that they caught some pedophiles.

  3. Mike says:

    I don’t agreee with the bill for videos so I’m against the the bill for this keep up the great work Nixie

  4. Jamie says:

    I wonder if they consider how many violent crimes are committed by non-gamers? Statistically speaking there is probably “scientific evidence” that not playing games causes violent behavior. Also, I think you should devote an ep to your cat.

  5. antonio priego says:

    i don’t approve these type of things, if you are a freedom fighter, they would remove their masks and would come out to the streets to protest, rather than protesting behind a keyboard, that’s my philosophy

    p.d: I am very pleased, because a woman is interested in these free causes, in short, interested in linux, I add as a friend on Facebook , Greetings from the distant land of Emiliano Zapata, Tabasco, Mexico, home of the Usumacinta River.

    goodbye. 😀

  6. Econael says:

    there are other people who protest on the streets and they often accomplish less
    (street protests in western countries get ignored; not comparable to street protests in egypt etc.)

  7. Chris says:

    Personally I don’t know what to think, these guys sound like real douche bags and hypocrites, i mean come one uploading porn to you tube where kids can watch it, then turning around and saying we want to do good? As for freedom fighters, definitely not. Like a previous post said, if you want to be a freedom fighter take off your mask and take your fight to the street, stop hiding behind your computers.

  8. Padster says:

    The video isn’t showing on my firefox :/

  9. A. Nonymous says:

    Hello Nixie,

    the easiest way to answer your question is to join #anonsec or #opnewblood

    (we have cookies)

  10. mobiletone says:

    thanks to these dicks hacking teh Gawker network then posting my details up online i had to spend a less than happy 3 hours going around all my sites, accounts etc resetting them all.

  11. Bernd says:

    I think ddos is not quite effective, but also not that bad either. For me it is comparable to a sit-in.

  12. Michael says:

    Anonymous is filled with children. Years ago I thought they were ‘figting for good,” but if you actually get into one of their IRC chat’s you will quickly realize that they are unorganized and are looking to attack anyone that will become easily irritated. They have no form of ethics. They aren’t real hackers, and their actions will only hurt net neutrality and not help it. When they commence DDOS attacks on major websites (WEBSITES which have people’s personal data) Companies and your EVERYMAN will want more security. How do we get more security? By taking away net neutrality and putting it in the hands of media giants. The websites they have defaced in the past weren’t to send a “message,” it was to piss people off. Read their memo to the members, I’m sure you can find it floating around the Internet.

  13. Free Porn says:

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous is Global, Anonymous is not a person, Anonymous is not a cult, Anonymous is an Idea. Everybody is Anonymous no matter if people deny it or believe it.

    Anonymous are not always behind a mask, We work with you, We live next door to you. We vote just like anybody else.

    Those who have put up porn for kids to see were not Anonymous. They were jerks and noobs.

    We are on the streets every week to protest against the bad. Are you the one thats protesting and rallying on the streets cause of Thomas Kelly being killed for no reason? Are you rallying and protesting cause BART wants to block your cellphones? How would you feel if you were having a heart attack and nobody could call for help for you? See my point?

    The hackings however are to send a message. And now lots of people are getting heard.

    The bs you hear on the news only speaks of the bad sides and leaves no good credit. They make Anonymous look like the mean and dangerous. When really the truth is, We are not!

    We are even putting out and fighting for your rights and so you can be heard. We are also pushing in on the situation of kids starving to death cause they have no food, or shoes, or education and lost hope.

    People need to realise before Anonymousstarted doing anything. Other people would not stand up to their goverment due to freedom or trying to be heard cause they knew they would be arrested or do prison time.

    Anonymous has taken that risk just to help people and get people to realise that we will die trying to save your freedom and rights. Would you risk being jailed or prisoned or risk being beat to a pulp by a cop to protect your rights and your country? Well Anonymous has. And still are! Anonymous will even be spending 3 months sleeping in tents over at wall street as well to stop the bs wall street is doing to this country. Anonymous has agreed that this has to be a peaceful event. All those that are rallying has to follow the laws while protesting to keep the peace.

  15. Anon’s actions don’t always seem very well thought out: by attacking paedophiles (and why not?) using Tor, they made life difficult for Chinese and Russian dissidents. A Ddos seems a very blunt weapon here; aren’t they bright enough to devise a sharper weapon to hit the child-harassers where it hurts?

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