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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


What the hell Nintendo..

I know I owe you some serious updates to this site. In the meantime, please allow yourself to be horrifyingly fascinated by this:

Oh, and my other secret is I have been posting regularly both here for Linux and here for other geeky stuff.

I also constantly update Twitter, Google + and Facebook (buttons above), but I’ll likely post-date articles to reflect what I did neglect. Sorry!


  1. Patrick Budde says:

    Nice to see you post on here again, though, as you do point out above, you post plenty on Facebook, Twitter and G+. I thought you had just given up on this site as you must be quite busy with your regular video’s on Rev3.  As for your post…maybe Nintendo wants to shake it’s “Family Friendly” identity, kind of like when a Disney Channel actress turns 18 and quickly does a photo shoot in a racy magazine, lol.

  2. kikin81 says:

    I am interested in knowing what things you would like to update to the site.
    I wanted to thank you for the videos you make regularly, OS ALT, NixieDoesLinux, unboxing with cats…
    It is very nice to be up to date in the tech world by watching your videos.
    Thanks again.

  3. Oshane Bailey says:

    wow… u actual made ur website

  4. Oshane Bailey says:


  5. Mr. Revolution says:

    That’s a edited picture Lol

  6. Paer76 says:

     WTF was that !? Is … That event true. LIke really ? Is that really in the F***kin’ Game ?!

  7. Leonade30 says:

    Pokemon!! Is this real?

  8. Cerpinokus says:

    You lost a fan on your newly found sexuality. You’re great, but why bow to the hormonic world of frustrated virgins? My g*th, sex(ual) is so boring…

  9. Angelicmew says:

    In the Bikini top, press button to make them look bigger.

  10. uberfu says:

    The social media links at the top of the new revamp seem to be missing Flickr and G+

  11. CylonLinuxMasterUser says:

    omg which pokemon edition is that i cant remember due to memory loss issuess that looks to be either the diamond and pearl series or the first black and white series…but yes that is bad and my 9 year old nephew plays the pokemon games wow hahahahaha that is soo funneh yet weird at the same time

  12. Jurie Botha says:

    LOL! WTH indeed!

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