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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Does the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 Also Suck?

You asked for it!

On launch the Blackberry Playbook was underwhelming, but RIM recently released the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 OS, so it was a good time to give it a second chance review. In this week’s episode of Geekbuzz I review the Playbook and the new 2.0 OS’ promised features.

February 21, 2012 was the release date for Playbook OS 2.0.[28] The software update added integrated native email, calendar, and contact apps. It also included visual changes to the operating system, support for a variety of Android applications and also brought three new applications built into the OS

I asked you guys what you wanted to see in a tablet and here was a few of your replies:

I have covered the following features in order of appearance:

1. Applications

2. App World / Marketplace – App Availability

3. Gaming – Dead Space and Plants vs. Zombies

4. Screen Response

5. User interface, speed and intuitiveness

6. Wifi capabilities

7. Bugs and Issues

8. Battery Life

** The full video of how long the Playbook took to boot up.. jaw dropping!

Hope you enjoyed my review!

What would be your perfect tablet?


  1. Thomas Just Thomas says:

    after the first minute, I couldn’t watch any long. The device would’ve been back in the hands of whoever sold it to me and I’d be walking away either with my money back or with something better suited to every day use. 

  2. Sergei Lebadev says:

    sorry, my english is very carzy, but i must needs say, i like iPad much nicer than this!

  3. Neil Dutta says:

    In a nutshell Yes,Playbook 2.0 does kinda suck!With the exception of the E-mail Client,Calendar & Social media feed. The boot time still does take forever & a day like you said!The bridge which lets you use your berry as a remote control is cool but more of a gimmick. The app store is still seriously lacking decent mainstream apps. For now the portable size & light weight of Playbook compared with crapples bulky ipad make it an appealing alternative to most users out there who aren’t sucked in by “retina” displays.

  4. Chuck_Ido says:

    certainly was a waste of time to think or even that which he got the idea to make that device. I see software as a simple copy of android. simply not accept it or I give it away. should do a review of motorola xoom though and have time on the market, but this nexus 7 and the Asus eee I think are the best so far.

  5. vns nineninezero says:

    Terrific meanwhile the bold series got cast to the wind not even one update or upgrade now you have the next gen of the exact same thing gee really pushing the creative curve on design.
    After sales support NIL!
    People who expected unified communications to behave on this platform keep wishing many a professional in business and other fields have turfed these phones after they lost everything even with backups BB kept making excuses now they are paying the ultimate price as no one will trust them anymore.
    And having the gastapo announce the new models not a good idea marketing have the CEO introduce then cut to one of the engineers to do the main sell.
    Blackberry can never do keynotes like Apple fact.

  6. Joe says:

    I have to dissagree, I love OS 2.0

  7. penn07 says:

    You can side load android apps using DDPB installer its easy.

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