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Does the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 Also Suck?

Does the Blackberry 2.0 Also Suck?


Remember this?

Game Exclusive! Walmart?!


Busy Bee

Ever have one of those days/weeks/months where you’re a complete busy bee that can’t seem to find time to do anything apart from work? I’ve been like that lately. I think I need something like this to snap me out of it…

Yep. That looks effective.  :mrgreen:

  • Matthew Gore

    No comments yet? For shame! Hey Nixie, nice page thinger. 

  • Nickolas Goad

    Oh my

  • Chris Poulos

    LOL i wonder if this is post or pre cellphone radiation conspiracy theory

  • Sean Bradshaw

    Looks like an example of an underfunded air traffic control system, hehe.

  • st

    Understand the feeling. Sometimes it’s not too bad to sit with the other bees and discuss some good times out instead of fluing to yr mext destination :)

  • Pedrojls

    Ur crazy girl!!! Luv it! And Off course sometimes our work sucks ur life time… That’s something that always talk with my partners at offIce. Take a vacation! A good one! This year ends the maya calendar 21.12.2012 I’ll be there to renew energies;)

  • DDragon


  • DDragon