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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


New Photos: Hardware and Hard-Ons – CES & AEE 2010

It’s been exactly a week since I’ve left Sin City. There I double-penetrated both the Consumer Electronics Show and the Adult Entertainment Expo for some fun and photos. Whether you missed those events or not, look no further for your visual fix of freaks and geeks. I hope you enjoy!

I did manage to capture more on video, but here’s all my photo coverage as an appetizer. Below is a slideshow of the actual CES expo itself:

Want More?

Click on either Jenna Haze or Creepy shot of Ron Jeremy and myself for more debauchery!
[may be NSFW] :mrgreen:

Nixie meets Ron JeremyJenna Haze posing for pics


  1. cristianbam says:

    first! xD

    the title totally fits! wish I could have been there 🙁

  2. directrix1 says:

    Man, that looks like it was fun. Glad you had a blast. Wish I could’ve been there. 🙂

  3. SammDogg says:

    Looks like fun. And holy crap, you got a picture of StarSlay3r. Awesome. XD

  4. Econael says:

    Boaaaah, eeewww! Ron Jeremy!! Wahh!

  5. Lennie says:

    That would never happen in the Netherlands, A porn convention without nudity. LoL

    Am I strange in that I do not have a favorite pornstar ?

  6. ezueff says:

    Thanks for posting the pix.

  7. Security says:

    Damn Ron Jeremy looks creepy. :/

  8. Chris says:

    Thanks for your info on open-source on youtub


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