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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Couple Sells their Three Kids to Play Video Games

How far is too far?

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  1. Andrew Suffield says:

    My first thought is: who *buys* children on the black market? I can sort of understand selling them, particularly in China where babies often get abandoned because they’re too expensive to feed (although selling them to play games is just screwed up), but the idea of people buying them makes me very uncomfortable.

    Also, I’ll trade you a drawing of a spider for the cat.

    • Spaceguy says:

      For couples who can´t get children on there own the natual way, it´s often a huge fight with authorities to get a child adopted. They got work, money, no criminal record and so on.But the authorities won´t let their wish come true.
      I don´t know why that is so hard. And when you full of anger, waiting for years and lost all your hopes… i bet that there are a lot of people who take the “criminal way”… and If there is a demand there is an offer.

  2. Jeremy Brown says:

    wow amazing, i’m shocked. really people who give up on their family (children) like that have some serious issues.


    P.S. i did not know you were adopted, i was adopted, however only 3 days after birth, so i really didn’t have much inner turmoil about it, besides i have really great parents, not that i would be sold off like that however much my parents might have liked to.

  3. Ziffel says:

    I know the answer to the question of WHY they did this and Why they had no idea it’s wrong to sell the kids BUT I won’t even bother to pontificate here. Instead? Is it JUST me? or does Mao’s picture on the Chinese money look like HAZEL from the old TV show? just wondering. :@)

  4. Ivan says:

    Nixie, you’re kinda arguing against a strawman here.

    No one thinks it’s okay to sell children. It’s immoral.

    Those two “gamers” where just regular addicts.
    Replace their gaming habit with a drug habit and the story becomes easier to grasp.

  5. James Williams says:

    Selling my children is not something that I would do….Thousands of pet owners across the United States give their dogs and cats up to shelters every day, or worse still, let them go loose.

    The lives of sentient animals, like humans, have value to some of us, yet we give them up.

    Instead of paying less than a dollar a day for the cheapest pet food, we relinquish ownership of the animal, and continue to shell out at least $50 per month for a cell ‘phone, and however much extra on alcohol and cigarettes ans cable or satellite TV. Are we letting our pets go to support our cell phone, TV, booze, and tobacco habits? Are we being slightly hypocritical here?

    Okay, even though we’re not selling our pets to get money for them, we’re still getting rid of them to be able to keep or acquire something else (more booze, cigarettes, and cell phone minutes).

    We’re looking at the couple’s decision from our ‘western’ perspective as people who value children and the responsibility of taking care of another human life. China has a different culture to us, and they value different things.

    What is right sadly depends on the context of the situation, each person’s values, societal conditioning and culture. China has a one child policy because of alleged overpopulation, with large fines imposed on couples who have more than one child and don’t get permission for the second or third (which perhaps seems astonishing according to our western culture).

    I’m not agreeing with their decision, but maybe this couple had additional reasons for selling which we don’t know about.

    Is it fair to question the legitimacy of this decision when it was made from a very different cultural perspective to our own, and when we don’t know the full story? We need to know more information Nixie!

  6. Owen says:

    Damn, I supose it is too late to adopt nixie

  7. james williams says:

    BTW Nixie, thanks for being courageous and talking about this topic. It’s a subject very close to your heart.

  8. nobody says:


    Just because your birth parents gave you up for adoption doesn’t mean they didn’t have your best interests at heart. If your birth parents couldn’t provide you with a stable and loving family environment, at least they were able to locate some adoptive parents for you who were able to do so! Please be glad they did and be sure to tell your adoptive mom and dad that you love them. No special occasions are necessary and it will mean more to them than you may even imagine.


  9. pioggia_27 says:

    i’m with andrew suffield, WHO BUYS AND SELLS CHILDREN. WTF! i understand if it will be for proprietary stuff but for an addiction…idk…it’s unheard of. i know babies are sold but children?

    idk, i’m confused………………………………………………o.O

  10. anonymous says:

    I’ve only spent two weeks in China, but this does not seem too surprising.

  11. Tom says:

    I was adopted too! yeh thats pretty disturbing.

  12. checoimg says:

    They wanted the people to believe that they forgot everything in the game because they were such good gamers and so not capable to raise they’re kids. It was the perfect crime for them.

  13. Gregory Key says:

    I wouldn’t sell a kid, but it probably cost the modest price this machine is worth to build by hand during the age of the Monkees and Beatles. (hint)

    I know it can have many meanings an might bring on some of them.

    Here is Origin computer companies definition of a “gaming computer.” Llammmaaassss…..

    WARNING: No children are known to have been PWN’d off for one of these machines. Oh and make sure your door is big enough for a semi to drop a pallet!


  14. CJ Wijtmans says:

    Your opinion is not biased and i am sorry that youare adopted but you turned out very well.

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