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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Are you really a nerd?

Last night and early into the morning I participated in a non-nerdy event.

Bar Hopping (v): to traverse from bar to bar and become progressively more intoxicated.

Example: “On his 21st birthday, John went bar hopping with Joe and was later admitted to the hospital to be treated for alcohol poisoning.”

You see, when I was younger I was a classic example of someone getting wasted before they are “legal” just because it is taboo and naughty. As I grew older that grew lackluster. So it’s been a looong time since I’ve done the trendy bar hopping thang.

However, last night was one of my girlfriends’ birthdays and this was her activity of choice, so we went out on the town.

Direct quote from friend last night:

“Stop being such a nerd, Nixie!”

Would you consider yourself a “nerd”? If so, can you turn it off or is it in your blood?

Official Announcement follows:

You may have been asking yourself, where has all the erudite, borderline brilliant writings of this strange yet symbolically compelling chick that likes to make very long sentences but with words that have little to no meaning?

I’ve been beating around the bush, but it’s finally official – I’m a GameGirl! People make a big deal about “girl gamers,” but I’m not too keen on the whole “girl” prefix before my gamer status. I am keen on checking out, err hanging out with an entourage of estrogen from time to time.

But how do I know this gig is for “realz”?

– Asks random guy whom I made up for my convenience.

I’ve even wrote some articles here and am prepping a video for them, and don’t worry.. I’ll keep you all abreast on our breasts along with continuing my own blog updates, so still please check here if you want to know what’s up in the bizarre world of Nixie.

p.s – ilu.

  • Grom

    hey 🙂

    hehe.. ^_^ awsome jokes.. 🙂 to bad most girls are not like you.. :-/ but you are to good to be true.. 😉 or at least so good i’m not gona find more like you.. ^_^ and ye.. only reason i am singel is that i have problems comunecating with “normal” ppl.. aka i have to many nerdy jokes and comments.. XD

    Lets transform and roll out! bb

  • Jasper

    I guess im both, I mean me and my friends have a normal side… but when it comes down to it all were gaming partying awesome weirdos who stay up all night partying, playing games and looking at free porn (WOOT). And we all get most of your jokes.

  • I am not just a little nerdy… I am an uber-geek. I’ve been a nerd since I was 11 and learned to use a Commodore PET and Radio Shack COCO and a TI 99/4A all in the same year that I learned to play Dungeons and Dragons with pen, paper, and dice.

    Me and my friend Chris are the type to say things much like you did. Things like… “Aw shit, you failed your saving throw there, dude.”

    And hun, your boobs are at least a +10 to diplomacy … your Comeliness attribute has got to be at least a 17 with an INT to match! Rock on! lol

    Dig the vids and the stories.

    Your latest fan,

    • 10 PRINT “Does Nixie rock? (Y/N): “;
      20 GET ANSWER$
      30 IF ANSWER$=”y” OR ANSWER$=”Y” THEN GOTO 50
      40 IF ANSWER$=”n” OR ANSWER$=”N” THEN PRINT “You’re wrong and you SUCK.” : END : ELSE GOTO 20
      60 CMD “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox.exe http:\\”
      70 END