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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Make Your Vote Count for E3 2010

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo rapidly approaching (in less than a week), I decided to crank up the amount of viewer participation here. You know your voice always counts with me.   😀

So, I sifted through all your game requests on my blog Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and more to narrow the list down to sizable poll.

Here you have it! Be sure to comment below if you feel like something should be on the list.

UPDATE: The Portal 2 Announcement from Valve was canceled. 🙁


  1. Security says:

    Apparently Valve cancelled the Portal 2 announcement (the announcement, not the game people!) and they are going to surprise everyone:

    Gabe said it isn’t going to be Episode 3 or L4D3 and none seems to have any idea what it could be then.

  2. Phu5ion says:

    Hey Nixie, any chance you could help put the bug in some of the developers ears about providing Linux support? WINE Is Not (good) Enough. 😉

  3. neoreloaded says:

    Hey nixie dude nice voting system. JS pluggins are cool. Would you like me to add you a forum to you website at all? If you are happy with just comments then thats great if not i would add u a forum for you free of charge hun.

    Let me no your thougts.

    • Nixie says:

      I used to have a really sweet forum, but it got spam bombed and it wasn’t the greatest.. I’ll have to re-consider though at some point, won’t I?

      • TBigMan says:

        My forum got spam bombed as well and I had to start over. If your interested I can host and maintain the forum for you. let me know.


      • Security says:

        Do not fear, Security is here!
        /me imagines himself with a big S on his chest and a cape flapping in the wind

        Ok I am not sure why but I just had to say that.
        Anyway, aren’t most spambots easy to counter with captcha or something similar at the registration form and some form of activation?

      • neoreloaded00 says:

        Soz about late repley – been snowed under with work. If u use ‘word press’ or anythink like blogger or what ever else there is more chance of spammers and hackers developing loop holes to cause no end of problems its a pain in the A_S really. I either code from scratch or for a forum i would use vBulliton for reliability. Any wayz when you want one jus let me no dude.

  4. Dark X Dragon says:

    My vote still goes to the valve announcement

  5. captain says:

    will you be able to cover the game from net devil jumpgate evolution very sci fi and has been in development since 2007 please try and cover it. it so far looks amazing

  6. Mike says:

    RAGE pls

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