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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Finally, Nintendo comes knocking at my door!

I didn’t have very high hopes for my birthday. That is, having been severely let down by the “Galactic Edition” of SPORE for the PC. (crazy design bug.. apparently I’m not alone.) That game didn’t even let me past the Cell stage without locking up! I figured I would be 300 lbs by now, happily messing around with the gene pool, making creatures and brushing my teeth in the newly constructed sink with accompanying toilet being installed 2 feet away from my computer.

88| So much for wanting to be addicted. Therefore I was pre-set to be bummed this B-day.

That was until…

My New Nintendo DS

I got a bright and shiny Nintendo DS as a gift! Now there’s no excuse for my lack of gaming! Hardy harrrr… though I must say, it does add a touch of carsickness that I didn’t know I had while playing Mario Kart.. XX(

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