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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Gamer Girls Get Revenge

Before you call me a raging redhead feminist that exaggerates the ‘girl gamer’ scene, read this post.

After that is done, then please enjoy this video:

I’ve attempted to act as these girls do during my Halo/Gears and even MW2 matches.. but I get tag teamed. It’s good to see that the revenge was well executed here.

What do you think of this video?


  1. That’s an awesome video 🙂

  2. mobiletone says:

    god bless ‘mute all’ options. seriously though i have the mic/chat output set to a headset by default, that headset by default is usually turned off and in the bottom of a drawer somewhere just so i don’t have to listen to all the whiny/abusive crap online.

    the only time i’ll use chat is if i’m in a co-op game with a friend or a clan match. all other times i’ll let R2 do all the talking i need to.

    • Kifa says:

      Same here. Most of the time you only hear profanity, obscene sexual references, retarded players whining about ping and dying controller battery, or the mix of all that. Using a headset on an average “random” matchup is completly pointless.

      As a side note – I love the way people try to act playing a videogame. All that random button mashing and not touching the sticks even once is just purely awesome. 😉

  3. mobiletone says:

    ps: watching all those girls acting like that in the video is enough to make we want to go gay 😀

  4. Harley says:

    That video reminded me of my local club on a Friday night.

  5. systm says:

    Holy Crap, that was amazing, role reversal much. Although I feel like less of the people play games act like that, are of such an age.. at least I hope my peers aren’t that ridiculous due to pseudo-anonymity..

  6. Elias says:

    Lindo, me gustaria ver que en verdad sucediera así. Pero la realidad es otra, saludo Nxie sigue ‘dableando’

  7. Toad says:

    PMSL….. Love it!!!

  8. I was at a gaming event in my town and TRUST ME, there were no girls there that were within a country mile of looking like you or the babes in the video.

    At best, there were a few 5’s/drunk 6’s but that was about it.
    I remember thinking that If Im ever stuck on an island with this group of people,
    I might have to resort to pooning guys instead.

    And I also go to Linux/Free Software events and its the same thing:
    hot chicks dont game or do Linux.

    Great video, even if its false advertising!

  9. Am I the only guy that would have no problem showing my balls or penis if asked? I’ve never once used to phrase ‘tits or gtfo’ in anything more than a playful manner with some male friends, but if a female asked me to show my balls or gtfo, I’d drop my pants and get on webcam 😀

    But I’m also the guy that ran around the ghetto (when I lived there) naked screaming “CAPTAIN PLANET WHERE ARE YOU‽” on a dare.

    I’m all for girl power, but I’m against feminist. I’m also against male supremacists, because they are the same thing in different forms. Neither of them truly wants equality, they just want their race to be worshiped as the dominate. I loved the video BTW.

  10. Doomicle says:

    Lol this reminds me of an interesting article on the rise of female violence in the local paper here recently.
    According to which, there’s a gang of 13 y.o. girls in the neighborhood that mug people.

    @ Capt. Jack Harkness, come live in here in Sydney, girls like the ones in this video are everywhere here. Don’t expect them to pay any attention to you though… Or even less be the least interested in a computer let alone F.O.S.S.

  11. a says:

    video is not there anymore 🙁

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