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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Same Sex Sims – Gay is Okay!

Though out of fifty “United” States only six recognize gay marriage, it is acknowledged in a game franchise which sold enough copies to equal 1/3 of the entire U.S population.

Granted, not all of the sales of The Sims went through Uncle Sam, however that didn’t seem to stop EA (whose headquarters is located in the US) from allowing one’s character in Sims 3 to put a ring on another, regardless of gender.

Fantasies become real in game and return to mere fantasies again for players as soon as they press “Quit.” With this newfound knowledge I was driven to create my own girl-girl couple in Sims 3.

If I succeeded, I was sure that what would ensue would be nothing short of a ‘lesbian spank inferno’ of celebration if this virtual “legality” was true. (Don’t mind the TV reference.) The results of my attempts astounded me..

From the start of the game you can hold the title of “Husband and Husband” or “Wife and Wife,” unlike the game’s predecessors which allowed you to merely move in together and grow to be “in love.” (And nothing else.) However, I wanted to induce the challenge and inner conflict of, perhaps, growing up bi.. (or gay, as in the case of my Sim) to find out if the characters could actually “go steady” before they reached adulthood, and do things like this:

In the Sims, as well in life, it would seem most of us are pawns in a game of love we don’t understand.

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Photo credit: AfterElton