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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Girl Meets Sleep Deprivation

Ever forget to sleep? What about force yourself to stay awake? We’ve all done it, and the result of exhaustion is rarely pleasant. Here’s my crazy insomniac story:

A big thanks to Ash for her awesome voice over skills as the orphanage reporter (another thing we recorded while being tired, go figure =p ) Check out her channel here!

What’s your sleepless tale?


  1. Jank Hank says:

    The longest I’ve gone without sleep was thirty hours. I started seeing crazy things. Like cartoon characters crazy. Never again

  2. Louis says:

    I’ve been 36 hours without sleeping. After one day of school I went to a Dresden Dolls concert (in the other side of the country) and then back to school the other day.

    I started seeing things and DRIVING home was epic.

  3. carl says:

    I’ve done 45 hours (approximately, maybe longer) I defiantly do not recommend, it messes with your whole body.

    It’s a common problem for me, I’ve been awake currently for 27 hours and I don’t see it ending for a little while 🙁

  4. Amanda Mynxx says:

    “This grub is freshyay” I love The Sims. <3

  5. Torch says:

    I’ve done 60-62 hrs, more than once… up at 10 a.m., awke through two nights, then sleep at midnight… 10 a.m. on the second day is toughest, everyone seems like an alien or something (and vice-versa I’d imagine!)

  6. Mark says:

    Just like the sims, if I don’t sleep enough in the end I just fall asleep where I am and get a really bad moodlet…

  7. OsamaBinLlama says:

    The longest I’ve ever been awake… Roughly 3 days, I can’t say exactly how many hours, because it ended with me passing out, but that whole period was with just water and energy drinks (forgot to eat.) Damn you Warcraft!!

  8. Bushi says:

    the maximum I’ve ever went without sleeping was three day we had a deadline to meet so I had to work all night and after i finished my tasks the project just crashed. so i had to work until the third day.
    any ways I noticed that after u go through the need-to-sleep phase at the end of the of the 1st 30 hours u actually get hyper and active again :S i was even beginning to wonder way do we sleep so much, we don’t need sleeping at all 😀

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’ve almost two days, it was in a youth club and they had a giant goofy painted on the wall playing basketball. Well lets just say he didn’t stay on the wall.

  10. skalka says:

    When I don’t sleep for a long time I’m just a like a mobile out of batteries, you know when you try to do a little think and it shuts down after two seconds, and you try and you try and again.

  11. astyguy says:

    Sleeping properly is essential for maintaining
    dopamine levels

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  12. Anonymous says:

    Well I’ve just spent all night playing pool and drinking. I’m going to work in a few hours, then I’m going to do the same thing tonight… I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  13. Pixiemars says:

    4 Days at a Psychedelic Trance festival, now im not saying I didn’t have pharmaceutical assistance but after day 2 I was having some good visuals off coffee and water 😉

  14. Pixiemars says:

    heheh @astyguy Nah dude Modafanol can help balance dopamine levels too 😀

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  16. Anonymous says:

    24 hours is probably the longest I’ve ever stayed up, sleep is a must so I try to get as much of it even though my PC is screaming for more gaming. Well it’s on the fritz atm anyways so as sad as it is. Sleeplessness due to gaming is not a problem atm 🙁

  17. Anonymous says:

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  18. Torch says:

    That’s easy for YOU to say!

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  19. astyguy says:

    I been up for da…. zzzzzzz ys … zzzz

    wonder if the nixie posse could get something on the front page of digg, reddit, mixx etc

    had of enough my stuff being buried !

  20. Add a little alcohol and before 11am the auditory hallucinations kick-in. By the time night falls it’s a free for all visual hallucinations and severe paranoia extravaganza.

    Oh, I miss the decadent days.

    *thumbs up* on lack of motor coordination, ever spilled coffee on a shirt? haha priceless, the heat will get u awake instantly.

  21. Bod-Squad says:

    I worked at Camp-Y-Owasco for a whole summer and we had two over-night weeks. The first week I got plenty-ish of sleep, I just ended up super dehydrated and had to go home for a day. The second week I had the cabin group from hell and got maybe an hour of sleep collectively? Worst week of my life. I practically lived on Monster, coffee and Gatorade the entire week. Let’s just say I wasn’t the nicest camp counselor that week. After that summer, I never worked there again. Not because I was horrible, but because they gave me pink eye and strep throat. I was afraid that if I had gone this summer, I’d get Swine Flu. Anyways, that’s the longest I think I’ve been without sleep.

  22. Njaal.D. says:

    well i didnt really stay awake longer than 24 hours or something at max, maybe up to 30. anyway i kind off count the time i slept 2-4(probably 2-3) hours somewhere on 3 days after each other, was basically wanting to end my life at the end of day 3 so newer again.

  23. maxg says:

    i was at a lan party and i stay awake for longer than 35 hours and i fell a sleep on my keybord and i waked up the next morning and that was it the end 😀

  24. Tomaz Z. says:

    My personal best is around 76 hours during which I was coding a piece of software for a project work in highschool. By the time I was done, my lack of hand-eye coordination was so bad I managed to spill my juice twice in a row. Also, when I finally went to sleep, I first slept for about 12 hours, then woke up for a moment, my mind going all “Initiating startup sequence … insufficient power levels … shutting down secondary subsystems” and I crashed for another 12 hours.

  25. ActlikeaFool says:

    Act like a fool, I just cant believe that I just did that, Deprivation its not a good thing.
    The first method of science its the experience (just don’t do it because the main purpose of existence of drugs its the money profit just like many other things, capitalists and communists knows that, but not all the Existentialists
    Ah bull shit, I said Paper boy hat try to sleep after it helps to recover

  26. ShadowOps says:

    I’ve gone one week without sleep, due to a few things… I’m on day three of yet another sleepless week =[…

  27. Panda says:

    I once pulled an all-nighter followed by a second semi all-nighter(about 4:30am). I had to be up at 9am but my friends who live in same building promised to come wake me up.

    I woke at 11am having missed my meeting, I went to see my friends apparently they had been throwing stuff at my window, banging on my door and yelling. I slept though it all…

    My brain was just like REM , yes please!

  28. weatherguy says:

    HELP! (sorry, but it’s that bad) I just made my Core2 Quad Q8400 6gb w/ a drive setup so complicated that I am only sure I followed the directions because it all works, kill off half of itself.

    My problem, you ask? Oh yeah Win7 and Ubuntu 10.04. Perfect, just perfect! Only in the upper right corner of whatever you call that bar in Ubuntu, you know where my name and the name of the computer goes. Right, where I put it to sleep.

    Well, I had parts of two of those namey things. So, I right clicked–bad thing to do. It went away. Yup the whole bar thingee.

    Now, yesterday I wanted to write to you and get that flamey thingee from Compiz. Now I just want my Ubuntu to work w/o having to get someone who isn’t a 65 year old virgin to fix my Ubuntu.


    • Ken in California says:

      Maybe you’ll have to uninstall Ubuntu and then re-install it.


      …Sorry, couldn’t resist.

      By the way, you think you have problems, I can’t install anything on my Ubuntu because I forgot the password I created at 3 am in the morning.

      I was typing things like “go away” ; “leave me alone” ; “stop asking me”

      when I somehow found myself being asked for a new password. Needless to say it was all fun and games until it accepted one of them and now I have no clue what I wrote.

      All of the ones I was trying at first it simply rejected them saying “too simple”

      Well, now it is not only too simple, it has locked me out of installing programs or using the Terminal! (Well I can use the terminal if I re-boot as the root).

      So anyways I just installed Linux for the first time yesterday and already stuck.

      Nixie Pixels videos turned me on, to Linux… 😛

      I am using the new 10.04 version of Ubuntu and I have the compiz cube going and could not get the flame to work on the new version… so maybe a new install will fix more than the password thing-y. 😉

  29. Argentina - Ezequiel Morales says:

    The longest I’ve gone without sleep was 2 weeks. why?, because I install 16 games and was about to finish one after another without rest …. simple, I almost went crazy from lack of sleep and the last day he had a nervous breakdown and nearly died. XD

  30. odubhx82 says:

    i’ve done this got really really fixed in to doom 3 when it came out played for 12 hours and well i was enjoying it so much that i convinced my self that playing away for another little wile would be ok the morning i was still playing now drinking coffie to keep the buzz going and then after a 20 hours game i notice to my self the time and try to go about my day now the night before i started playing doom i was up late wacthing old horror movie so i did not sleep much either so i was awake around for about 30+ hours and well i was carbby and dozeing off all over the place from the local shopping mail to on the bus and doing other things.

    anyway im starting to ramble alittle lol but thats my story and well i fought sleep off till that evening and well just doze off in to the most wriedest and funny dream ever lol

  31. Dan says:

    Longest I’ve gone w/o sleep was from thursday morning ’til monday evening; I was spending those days w/ 3 other friends playing videogames (it was PS1 back then) and hangin out during the day and going out at night.
    After this episode I slept for ~35 hours straight 😀

    Another time i drove ~2500km (1500+ mi) w/o rest. That was more than 30 hours of driving.

    So, as one can imagine, skipping one night of sleep is really no problem for me – almost don’t feel different at all 🙂

  32. Ken in California says:

    I worked in the U.S. Navy as a nuclear technician / operator for 6 years. Now I’m a nursing student.

    (The nuclear field is a highly undermanned field.)

    Right before an ORSE Operational Reactor Safeguards Examination, which is where a nuclear testing crew comes onboard the air craft carrier to test the Reactor Department’s safe practices, I was working hard to get all equipment and crew ready for the ORSE.

    After being up for over 48 hours I was headed for a shower and a nap before a required meeting.

    Just then I checked the watchbill to find out it had changed and I was on it 3 times with 5 hour watches and only 5 hours off in between and less than an hour till my first watch started. Everyone else also had too much to do to get ready, so I stood the watches and attended meetings in between watches.

    By the time I was standing my last of the series of watches, I was up for over 72 hours straight without lying down once.

    I was struggling and slapping my numb face just to stay awake.

    You have to be dedicated to work in nuclear power in the U.S. Navy. They are always the first ones onboard, the last ones off, and can never reduce their present crew to less than a skeleton crew (1/3 or more manning) even when the Reactors are shut down. Overseas Reactors are never shut down. And to go ashore overseas means sacrificing sleep.

    When I got out of the Navy I drove from Virgina Beach, VA to Madera, CA in less than 3 days; only stopping for rest one time (at Red Rock Canyon in New Mexico).

    Currently I am a college student at a University. I usually stay up till 3 or 4 am PST.
    I found Nixie Pixels video on sleep deprivation very relavent as a college student.

    I was also a truck driver for 3 years & would take a load from Paola, KS to around Nashville, TN. The load picked up every night at midnight. It was required that I drive top speed in that region (75mph) non-stop, even through snow. Believe it or not, this is doable if you know how to drive a semi-truck in snow. I did it for several years. Every night there were tons of new cars in the ditches from the day of driving. That was because cars are not as heavy as semi’s and car drivers do not drive as many hours in the snow as an experienced truck driver. So they only go out when they must. As a result they do not have the skills to drive in snow. Truck drivers who drive in snow are very skilled. This explains why there are more semi’s driving when the snow is bad and yet there are usually never any semi’s in the ditches but always cars.

    So anyways done with that rabbit-trail. One weekend I drove back to KS on a Saturday night and arrived in KS in the morning. Then I went to church in Olathe, KS Sunday morning without going to sleep. And then went and visited with friends. That night I went to another service; because, there was a guest speaker and the church which is normally only 2/3’s full was so full there was literally no room left in the halls where you could hear but not see the speaker! That service went kind of late.

    After this I had to pick up my load and head back to TN.

    I was up for over 24 hours when I picked up. That night I started to get highway hypnotism quite severely. I drove it while standing with the cruise control on. I spend the entire 10 hr drive fighting the highway hypnotism. Even pulling over and getting out and walking around could not shake it.

    My rule was, and will always be, if I nod to the point that I veer out of my lane even a little bit, it is time to shut it down. I managed to fight it all the way without veering, so I made it there on time.

    The load was so important that if I could not make it there on time I was required to call the owner of the company at any hour of the night and wake him up to let him know about the problem so he could immediately call the customer. It was a multi-million dollar load and the top account for the company. I was given the account because of my due dilligence which was recognized right away, while other, highly qualified, & seasoned drivers wanted the account long before I arrived.

    I did not even know the account existed when it was first offered to me. & I took it before I knew it would tick other dirvers off. They simply wanted the best driver on their top load and they determined that was me because I always delivered through thick and thin. I never wasted time getting places and I was very precise about load and trailer inspections and maintaining my vehicle. Also I had just purchased a brand new 2009 semi-truck. So the other drivers were given the next best accounts.

  33. Ken in California says:

    Almost forgot to mention:

    After staying up studying for long hours several days in a row, I find that I have lost all coordination and I wear my drinks.

    The funniest part of Nixie’s video was the cereal bit.

    I don’t, usually, talk to things or babble; but, I have done so in the past.

  34. Ken in California says:

    She’s talking to the nanners again. Time for beddy bye. Nighty night Nixie Pixel.

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