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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Go Open Source or Go Home

You don’t have to be a geek to want to save your money and download programs for free. Here are 5 of my quick picks for open source software.

You may be wondering, What is Open Source?

Open source generally refers to software that is released with open code and no restrictions on downloading, modifying or advertising the work. An open source program usually starts when developers publish their code where other developers can learn about it, download it, and play with it.

Where do you come in?

You can reap all the benefits of course by using the application for no cost to you.

To read more about some of the open source programs I use take a look here:


  1. mrjack says:

    Well said Nixie .

    Pidgin also supports facebook-chat and irc.
    Unfortunately, there is no option for webcam.
    Well, there is still “emesene”.

    Few of my personal favorites :
    Chromium, Thunderbird, Gnome Do, Shutter and Skype.
    All of them are open source too.

  2. nrostn says:

    Since i’ve switched completely to linux, pretty much everything on my laptop is open source i guess. My favorite apps include thunderbird, firefox, aMSN, texmaker and eclipse. I like trying out alternatives though.

    Great vid btw =)

  3. Welington says:

    Hi girl,

    I love FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). Actually I have just used them since 1999 and I don’t regret of take out my Windows license and other commercial softwares.

    Oct. 10th will be released the next edition of one of the most wonderful Linux distribution. I have suggested everybody download and use it.

    Have a happy free software.

  4. You rock! Let us all joyfully promote this video to enlighten the masses!

  5. nicdm says:

    Great vid ! Using linux for 5 years now and i can’t imagine using something else than OSS.

  6. dkruythoff says:

    Been on Linux for about 5 years now (started with Gentoo no less!), and can’t even think of going back. I’m actually trying out Mac at work right now, but I’m not one to slap down that much cash for software I can get for free.
    One subtle detail people often overlook is that wether you like Windows or Mac, Linux gives the best of both worlds, combining features found in both.

  7. D4N says:


    Unfortunately Skype is not an open source application.

  8. fireblade80 says:

    VirtualDub ( is a great free video editor for Windows, that’s not available on UNIX-like OSs.

    In general, there are more freeware (as in free beer) and open source applications exclusive to Windows than exclusive to Linux.

    Regarding open-source software that’s so much hyped as advantageous to the user, it should be pointed out that open-source and free (as in free speech) has never been about application cost, but freedom to access, use, modify and redistribute the application provided. This was the idea of Richard Stallman, the father of the open-source.

    There are great open-source software available, that are not free of cost, if you plan to use them commercially. Examples:
    db4o –
    Qt –

    As such, freedom in terms of lack of cost is secondary and completely non-mandatory to open-source software. Funny thing is, people that make the cost argument are not those financially challenged from undeveloped countries, but people who generally could spend many times the licensing costs for a certain product on a Friday night.

    All in all, regarding the misunderstood open-source concept and the lack-of-costs “extraordinary” advantage, I’ve seen a lot of fanboy-ism (and fangirl-ism) attitudes, but very few accurate, knowledgeable and fair assessments. Such people have little notion that supporting the developing team generally improves the quality and longevity of a software product.

    I myself have an open-source project for .NET that also happens to be free of costs, but the freedom of costs is simply a side effect, not the nature of open-source.

    All the very best,

  9. mrjack-

    actually, as of pidgin 2.6.1, voice and video for the XMPP protocol (gtalk, etc.) are supported. 🙂


    whoo! i’m a gentoo user 🙂 i started on debian, then tried ubuntu (this was back on.. hoary?), then gentoo… and fell in love with gentoo. it gave me the flexibility i wanted. i’ve tried tons of distros since, but i always use gentoo for personal installs (and yes, that includes my production machines as well).

  10. mrjack-

    oh, also- skype is NOT open-source. just because something has a linux native binary, that doesn’t make it open-source. skype is notoriously closed-source; i always recommend people go with ekiga instead of skype. i notice someone already corrected you on it, but i figured i’d mention ekiga ( as the alternative.

    to be honest, skype does some pretty rancorous things without your knowledge. (for instance, previous versions have used any computer with a uPnP hole punched into the router and skype running as a relay point for connections, effectively turning your internet access into free bandwidth for them).

    in addition, they’ve been all-too-eager to release information to any governmental authority that asks for it, asn being that their encyption is proprietary, there are no lightning-fast fixes for when a vulnerability is found. usually when a security issue is found in open-source code (provide it’s one of the bigger projects), there’s a patch within 24 hours or so that fixes it.

    peer review ftw.

  11. manny says:

    awesome vid nixie

    it’s really lame to see some many think pirating is the way

    am sure they’ll get their ships sunk someday

    also all the new FOSS releases really excite me like kdenlive, openshot, the new ubuntu, 1 window gimp, kde4, etc

    really on par of any pirateable (err…commercial) soft, no cracks or trojans included ^^

  12. Monty says:

    If you like kdenlive, but would prefer a gnome video editor, check out OpenShot –! If you use KDE, use kdenlive.

  13. Sonic Alpha says:

    I’m a huge fan of Open Source software myself, and out of the 5 programs you’ve mention I use 4 of them regularly.

    I posted a list of my favourite programs on my site quite a while back (though most are for Windows, and not Linux), it’s a mixture of both freeware and Open Source, and in most cases the programs are actually better than their wallet killing counterparts.

    Check it out:

  14. Konstantin says:

    Open source=) Many people talk about open source,but not all understand.
    About software… in world(not only in Russia) exits stereotype about opensource or free software.One of them opensource software=bad(bugs) software. This is not true.

    I like Linux.But exist very special software which does not run in Linux.For example with wine -solution,but autocad work non-stable)).
    About firefox…I don’t use firefox becouse he works slow….I even compile from source.
    Sometimes i get pleasure when i compile packages)) I am not normal?))

  15. OSfan says:

    Hello, big fan of Osalt. Anyway Have you heard of Totem VR?

    I think it could be a real alternative to the Occulus rift and in some ways better given that it has outward facing camera.

    What are you thoughts on this? I really want to get in to VR with out Facebook selling my info to everyone.

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