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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Go Open Source or Go Home

You don’t have to be a geek to want to save your money and download programs for free. Here are 5 of my quick picks for open source software.

You may be wondering, What is Open Source?

Open source generally refers to software that is released with open code and no restrictions on downloading, modifying or advertising the work. An open source program usually starts when developers publish their code where other developers can learn about it, download it, and play with it.

Where do you come in?

You can reap all the benefits of course by using the application for no cost to you.

To read more about some of the open source programs I use take a look here:

  • Open source=) Many people talk about open source,but not all understand.
    About software… in world(not only in Russia) exits stereotype about opensource or free software.One of them opensource software=bad(bugs) software. This is not true.

    I like Linux.But exist very special software which does not run in Linux.For example with wine -solution,but autocad work non-stable)).
    About firefox…I don’t use firefox becouse he works slow….I even compile from source.
    Sometimes i get pleasure when i compile packages)) I am not normal?))

  • OSfan

    Hello, big fan of Osalt. Anyway Have you heard of Totem VR?

    I think it could be a real alternative to the Occulus rift and in some ways better given that it has outward facing camera.

    What are you thoughts on this? I really want to get in to VR with out Facebook selling my info to everyone.