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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


New Linux Video – Probing Your Box, Grub 2 and You!

If I had to pick one horror story that I get messaged about the most, it would be the dreaded bootloader. “It’s missing” orI have a black screen of death..” and some people edit their grub.cfg without realizing it can disable you from booting at all, essentially turning your computer into a brick. Yay!

Click here for more at OMG!Ubuntu!

EDIT for this Video: Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive. 😉


  1. taccoboss says:

    What is the womb? 🙂 I also liked the game when I was younger. I had 48k ZX Spectrum, a great gaming machine! 🙂 I know I’m already off-topic, but grub doesn’t interest me much. But I am very interested Linux. I think Google, Intel and Nokia can really change the future of these operating systems which have never reached the crowd. I use Ubuntu, but I do not think Canonical is able to achieve impressive results without the help of giants like the ones I just mentioned. However I continue to use it and stay updated. Maybe something will change soon with the recent arrival of the graphics engine Unigine. I tested it on Ubuntu 10.04 and I think they did a good job, but maybe everything is still to be optimized. However we all know the potential of OpenGL graphics library used on the famous Playstation 3! So I remain optimistic! See you soon!

  2. taccoboss says:

    Sorry for my bad English, i use Google translator and probably i made some bad mistake!

  3. Mike says:

    You don’t have to run os-prober before running update-grub. update-grub will run os-prober by itself if is enabled in /etc/grub.d. This is the default.

  4. taccoboss says:

    I saw some of your videos on youtube! But you’re not normal! 🙂 Perhaps you are a very special girl!

  5. Icarus says:


    The voice and video don’t match….


  6. Joe Momma says:

    Nice thanks for the box probing…

  7. Topheth says:

    Blood Bowl! Awesome start to a great video.

  8. bash_vi says:

    Hey Nixie

    Just wanted to mention: grub2 is not ‘new’ in 10.04. It was already in 9.10 (Karmic Koala).
    However if you upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10 Grub2 was not installed and even when upgrading again to 10.04 Grub2 will not be installed. You will only get it by doing a fresh installation of Karmic or Lucid.

    However… Good tuto. Hava Fun!

  9. n1ghtsn1p3r says:

    Looks interesting. I don’t know if I want to try it on my Gentoo box yet, though. If I do, I’m probably going to miss having a scratch written “/boob/grub/grub.conf” or “/boot/grub/menu.lst” file (the latter is just a symlink to grub.conf).

    The new syntax, files, and probing/updating utilities are going to take some getting used to, IMO

  10. Andrew says:

    Love the new camera! Night and day!

  11. Herman says:

    Great video, Nixie.
    To follow on from that, does everyone know that we can use the same commands when we have Ubuntu installed in a USB flash memory stick to get an unbootable computer to boot up?

    First, plug in the flash memory stick and boot Ubuntu in the memory stick.
    Second, run update-grub as explained in Nixie’s excellent video.
    It should (most times) detect and add the computer’s operating system(s) to the GRUB menu automatically.
    Third, reboot the USB again, but stop at the GRUB Menu and choose one of the computer’s internal operating systems.
    Fourth, if your computer’s operating system is at all in a bootable condition, it should boot. (If not you’ll need to boot your flash memory’s Ubuntu again and try to fix it).

    You need a full Ubuntu installation in a USB flash memory stick for that to work, not just a ‘persistence’ install, the full Ubuntu installation has GRUB2 in it. The ‘Persistence’ flash memory ‘installations boot with SysLinux.

    Regards, Herman 🙂

  12. Raul says:

    Pues muy buenos los videos, muy explicativos y muy interesantes sobre todo los de LINUX (ubuntu) con decirte que yo ahora estoy usando ubuntu al 100% y sin problemas, sigue así.

    suerte y muy buenas las fotos en tu facebook…. jijiijiji..


  13. Sylvester says:

    Hello Nixie! I like your videos. Keep going on … I understand not so much, but I like your voice and your humor (it this the word what i looking for?). All the people that makes comments about your “sexual” body, they are stupid! 🙂 Just kidding, your are very attractive and, of course, not a nerd – like other *hehe*

    We would more videos about YOU and your life …

    Best Regards

    Sylvester (my realname!)

  14. Eleno says:

    Thanks Nixie for showing me the ways of the linux.

  15. Marvin says:

    So – I upgraded my Dell Optiplex 980 from uBuntu 10.10 to 11.04 Natty. This PC has BIOS RAID. The install went smoothly, then rebooted and – surprise – it would not recognize the RAID device. Both disks are there just fine, but the ARRAY01 RAID device is not. During boot, the RAID says it is in status Initialize instead of Normal. and I can boot from a Live CD. So how do I ensure GRUB 2 is installed on the RAID correctly so this does not happen? It seems the grub-update command is assuming you want to update the current root filesystem – not a target system when you are live CD booting – or did I misunderstand something? Also see this:
    Looking forward your excellent answer!

  16. John B says:

    Nixie, I only follow your blog for the articles, I swear 😉 All kidding aside, great blog. Right now I’m in linux “Maya” because I hate the Unity desktop, plus plain Ubuntu for me anyway sends out updates without checking them very well. Everyone I have gotten has bricked my box. So I switched over to Mint Maya and have been smooth sailing so far. I know your sick of hearing this but could you please do another cube tutorial, an advanced one?

    ps: My real name too…smh….

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