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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Happy Belated Zombie Day!

Zombie Day (or Easter if you’re religious) is to celebrate the very first and greatest zombie, good ol’ J.C. My friend Kailys and I put together a video discussing our favorite zombie games and the zombies that we love. I know I have mentioned how zombies are a big turn on.. alas, all those hoping for some sort of Left 4 Head sequel are going to have to be disappointed, this is not video game pr0n. (this time) :>>

However, candy is almost as good as porn.. and this video, my friends, is a giant easter egg made o’ milk chocolate:

How is this an easter egg, you ask?

Well, I have something to announce very soon, but not everything is in place yet. Think of this as the chocolately coating of a Cadbury cream egg. You’re not quite ready to enter the dangerous yet mystical zone of the wonderous gooey filling, oh, but you will.