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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


I DEFACE My Technology

From cell phones to portable radios.. if there’s a surface that can scratch, I like to protect it. Well, I have been told by some peers of mine that it makes me look:

“..tacky, cheap, and ghetto..”

Could this be true? Have I been going about it wrong all along? I’d really love to put these allegations to rest, and I can think of no better reason than to request the vox populi.. :mrgreen:


  1. Karl says:

    I have to take the plastic off! i have even gone and taken plastic off of friends plastic coated electronics.

  2. Lennie says:

    The other good thing about leaving the plastic on till a later date is, you get to unwrap your device twice. I know many people enjoy unwrapping their new device, they feel a bit like a child again when they unwrap their new toys/gift.

  3. efjc says:

    Usually I keep the plastic on for as long as I can, but the plastic on that thing you showed us is _ugly_. I would definitely take that plastic off!

  4. Econael says:

    Fore the love of shiny new toys, take that ugly plastic off!
    Some plastics are smooth and can barely be seen, it’s ok to keep those but not if it’s crumpled!

  5. Bas says:

    Hey, it’s your toy and your protective plastic so do with it as you please. I don’t think you’re “wrong” in any way about this.

    However: sometimes manufacturers explicitly tell you to take it off in the instruction manual. Failing to do so might void your warranty, which is imaginable if the plastic happens to block airflow and your device dies of overheating or the plastic itself can’t handle the heat, starts burning and releasing toxic fumes and you end up having children with eleven toes.. don’t blame the manufacturer!

    My personal opinion? The plastic is *UGLY*, especially on displays. The manufacturer goes to great lengths to deliver a crispy bright screen, which the dull crappy protective plastic totally ruins. In my experience the technology itself ages rapidly enough that it becomes mostly obsolete (as in: I want the new one now!) before I damage it beyond the level of ugly that the protective plastic introduces.

    Disclaimer: I’m also one of those types who takes each and every non-essential sticker off any device. Stuff like Windows Logo compliance and innocuous CPU brand labels all have to come off. I want my things to be as free of unnecessary visual noise as possible.

  6. VK says:

    You should definitely take the plastic off, it looks ugly as hell and as Bas said it may actually be detrimental to the device to leave it on. I know people who like you, like to leave the plastic coating on but in my opinion it just looks terrible and as long as you look after your device you won’t need to worry about damaging it 🙂

  7. David says:

    So what do you think about buying new foil to replace the old one, once it’s worn off? :’).

  8. xtremox says:

    i keep the plastic for long time 🙂

  9. I think you should leave it on if that is what makes you happy. Screw everyone else you don’t have to conform to what everyone else does, it makes you speial for being different and doing what you want you know 🙂


  10. John says:

    Some plastic is for shipping only. I have see it become difficult to remove over time and interfere with the function of the device. Plus, what’s the point in keeping it nice looking if it looks bad in the process?

  11. bobstreo says:

    Unless you’re reselling or giving it away, take the plastic off and smell the technology.

  12. Enk says:

    I usually keep the plastic on unless it’s blocking a vent or intake or something that could damage it.

    HOWEVER, I also take the plastic off if bubbles are forming underneath, because then it just gets ugly. The thing in the video is heinous and must be fixed!

  13. Crusader says:

    Ugg, you HAVE to take the plastic off! Especially on something like a radio! Nothing screams ghetto worse than the plastic still on. It looks like you just stole it from a store. Much like Karl, I too have taken plastic off of other people’s stuff.

  14. Dalian_IT says:

    You rokin’ da GETTO PLASTIC of your just stolen radio !!!

  15. Dalian_IT says:

    steal me one, too !!

  16. Mike says:

    I used to like you, now this… :'(

  17. darktide says:

    My new phone had plastic on the screen with a small tab sticking up so you could easily remove the plastic. I carefully cut the tab off with a knife so the plastic can stay there forever 🙂

  18. Brant says:

    You have to use protection. I use screen protectors on any plastic screens, my tabletPC has a glass screen so i dont use one on it, but on my phone I have a nice anti-glare one that actually makes the screen more vivid. And on my old phone, I spent 20 mins cutting one so it would fit the rounded screen design like it wasnt even there. So tasteful protection all the way, but tacky is just nasty =P

  19. Johnny says:

    Most gadgets we buy now are just junk made by slaves in China designed to last no more than a year, taking plastic off makes no difference at all.

    If that item you had their took you a few months to save up for and was one of a kind, then yeah why not leave the plastic on. As it is, you could probably buy another one of them tomorrow if it broke and it has no retained value whatsoever!

  20. James says:

    Take it off! If it looks bad later, then put something on. At least then there would be a reason.

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