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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


I Love Linux Mint

My first time opening the terminal in a freshly installed Linux Mint 8 (Helena) and got these words of encouragement from her!

I can't wait to get started!  :-D


  1. directrix1 says:

    Well, at least it didn’t go “soi soi soi”. 😛 OK, I’m gone again.

  2. YoyoKirby says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s just a script to make cowsay launch when you open a terminal.

  3. Kifa says:

    Heheheheh, good luck with that kind of encouragement. 😉 I think I’m gonna test this on a virtual machine, just out of curiosity about what it will tell me… 😛

  4. MadJestyr says:

    Not to fond of Mint myself, though I like the idea. Been working on a custom Ubuntu distro myself. That is one of the greatest things about GNU/Linux. You can either leave it the way it is, or with a little bit of enthusiasm and a whole lot of determination you can make it any way you want. I love the fact that you can bring in all the things that work so well on the other flavors into whatever environment you have and they usually just work. Enough about that, how are you today? ;O)

  5. Motoma says:

    # echo Hack my box and I\’ll have you shot > /etc/motd

  6. C Jonokuchi says:

    Glad you’re enjoying Mint 8. I’m writing this note on Mint 6. I love that this distro does wifi and plays video without having to tweak the OS . It’s been really great resurrecting old laptops that were slugs on xp come back to life with Mint. I have about 4 old desktops and laptops that are humming right along nicely thank you. (and the price is right).

    I’m browser agnostic, so I have firefox, chrome and opera running fairly well.

    If you like Internet radio, Amarok does a great job streaming radio feeds.

    My only “complaint” is that Mint sounds off a PC beep on shut down and despite searching through the forums, I’ve not found a way to turn it off. I hope you have better luck.

    from a closet linux nut CJ

  7. Robin says:

    I’ve been playing with the Xfce community edition of Linux Mint 8 on an olllllld ‘puter, and it rawks! Absolutely everything works out of the box as usual with Mint, but there’s a safety feature unique to Mint which I find really useful, especially for newbies and kinda-sorta newbies like me:

    The Mint Updater lets me actually refuse untested updates which might be damaging! Updates are rated in categories from 1 through 5. 1 being “tested, proven, Mint-approved” and 5 being “untested, untrusted, potentially bad news.”

    All one has to do is count the number of “b0rked after update” threads in the forums of some popular distros to see why this matters. Ubuntu, for example, regularly updates the KERNEL but you have to wait 6 months for a new version just to updates APPLICATIONS?? That’s kinda silly. Yeah, there are ways around it, but sheesh! And those kernel updates the ones that frequently b0rk a perfectly good working system… in Linux Mint, those can be blocked! take as little or as much risk as you choose – but YOU get the choice in Mint, not some distant person in unknown Distroland. It’s nice for newbies to have the “guardian angels” at Linux Mint keeping track of that stuff and helping a newb decide which updates she should get depending on what she wants.

    The high-risk stuff is fun to experiment with, but on a mission-critical machine it’s nice to be able to refuse some updates and avoid having to post one of those “_____ won’t work after update” pleas for help after the damage is done.

    • Kifa says:

      Well, that is cool and everything, but one problem – I tested Mint 8 as I wrote in a comment earlier, and it does not even boot on my machine. As soon as we reach the login screen – black image, system freezes. I can’t really figure out what is wrong and it happens both for 64bit and 32bit versions. So I personally scratched the system.

      As for application updates – come on, adding a PPA is at most 5 minutes of copy/paste work, and there you have it. I can’t see a problem with that. Also – I never had any kernel update in Ubuntu breaking my system, on neither of three different PC’s I’m keeping an eye on. Also – in case you didn’t know – in Ubuntu you also have a choice either to install only tested updates (and that’s default) or to go for those untested (easily changeable through Software Sources). So again – I can’t seem to see your point here.

      And all of the systems in question are required to be operational. And they are, running without a problem for about 6 months now, under Ubuntu. But hey, I guess we all have a choice of the distro we want to use… 😉

  8. Anakhux says:

    I love my mint! It runs really smooth and I`ve had no problems what-so-ever. 🙂

  9. Alex says:

    watching this

    apt-cache search linuxlogo

    and than install it 🙂 this run in Ubuntu Linux or Debian

    apt-get install linuxlogo

  10. jim187 says:

    you should try mythtv is the best standalone multimedia dont need to youse the EVIL windows media player again and it is free.
    it works on appletv etc.etc.etc.
    check it out.
    PS: you are the most beatifull geek girl i have ever seen

  11. Emma says:

    These topics are so cfonuisng but this helped me get the job done.

  12. jkc661 says:

    Netflix on mint 17 cinnamon ..?
    did the installs .. netflix loads , lets me sign in .. then up pops that screen that informs you what you can run N’flix on … “sigh ”

    help … pleeeeeze ?

  13. jkc661 says:

    sorted … after a complete shutdown overnight , it decided that this morning it would surrender and agree to work first time. Colour me happy 🙂

    Sorry for the noob input .. carry on

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