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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


I’m Crazy and I Need Help!

I don’t usually participate in stuff like this, (and don’t worry the video has some funny stuff in it too) but I really think this would be an amazing way to share new technology with you, and even hang out together if you’re around San Francisco!

I am in the running for Logitech’s “Host with the Most.” where if chosen I will show off Logitech Revue with GoogleTV live to you, my fellow geeks. =) This is a perfect job opportunity for me and I need your help so that I can continue making videos and articles for you.

Please vote for me here and spread the word to your friends if you’d like.. so that I may share the Logitech Loft with you all!

I will be announcing the times that I will broadcast live in this post and here on Ustream.

Thanks for your support. <3

First live Q & A: Saturday 21st at 8:00 PM (20:00 ) PST on Ustream

Ask me anything below!


  1. icarus says:


    Please post some random videos with different bits and pieces…(I know u love video editing)…

    Looking forward,


  2. Remco says:

    Well i voted, so… are you single??? 😀

  3. Bob says:

    Will you do the Hamster Dance?

  4. BruisedLee says:

    Why do you rawk so hard?

  5. daniel says:

    Ya voté por vos, y me gusta mucho lo que haces.
    Un saludo desde Medellin, Colombia
    Por acá te esperamos

  6. ProtoNightshade says:

    Nixie, I think your a natural and would make a brilliant host or T.V. presenter. Best of luck, they would be silly not to pick you.

  7. ProtoNightshade says:

    Hi Nixie, I have a few questions for you below:

    Have you ever had an out of body experience?
    When was the last time you experienced de jar vous?
    What do you think dreams are all about?
    Have you ever had a telepathic experience with anyone via technology?
    Do you think it would be possible to be reincarnated into a machine in the future?

  8. ProtoNightshade says:

    Have you ever witnessed emergent behaviour or received a phantom fax?

    Do your animals know when you are coming home?

  9. ProtoNightshade says:

    Hey, I’m checking out the live stream but cannot comment without signing up. Never mind. Your looking very nice in that green top, it goes well with your hair and really brings out your eyes. Fantastic cleavage xxx

  10. almanzarj says:

    what do you think about

    looking for a new machine htpc style 🙂

  11. Yellow Jacket says:

    Have you ever been to Canada? If so, what city?

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