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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


I Want to Pay For My E-Mails!

Yes, you read that correctly – I want to pay for the e-mail I send. Imagine a scenario where whenever you went to a store and made a purchase, that store began sending you physical mail. At least one per week, sometimes up to one a day. What is worse, some stores sell your address to third parties who send you multiple mailings a day. How could this happen? Only if printing and sending the mail was free. We would be swimming in a sea of paper, and the mail we really wanted to read would be lost in the deluge.

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  1. Welington says:

    Hey Nixie,

    This is a crazy idea but a totally agree with you.

    Let’s start a movement for our ISP’s charge for our emails that it have to send. 🙂

  2. zenstealth says:

    There is thing called CentMailâ„¢ (still in the experimental stage), where you can donate around $5 to a participating charitable organization and receive 500 email stamps.

    At 1¢ per email, it would become prohibitively expensive for spammers because they send millions of emails per day.

    I’m not completely sure how it works exactly, but I think CentMail is good idea.

    More about it at

  3. ac says:

    This would probably kill e-mail, and people would just use chat or Google Wave instead. Not because of the “price”, but because they would have to worry about e-mail bills and about losing some freedom.

  4. I don’t think it’s a good idea to pay for
    our emails.Yes, people might just want to
    use chat as a form of communication than
    emails if it is so.

  5. Tomaz Z. says:

    We still get plenty of snail-mail spam here (Slovenia) although a law has recently been passed that prohibits certain kinds of unsolicited mail to be sent. I think it goes without saying that it had little to no effect. Now we just keep a paper recycling bin at the mailboxes in our apartment block so anyone can easily recycle the spam. If only that could be done with e-mail… 😀

    On topic of funny spam e-mails, the one that really made me laugh was one with a subject line that said: Eat just one candy and be prepared for 36 hours of love!!1 [sic]

    I always laugh when I think of it. 😀

  6. Gary says:

    I’ve found that taking a little time to setup excellent email filters keeps the vast majority of the garbage out.

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