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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Are You a Net Neanderthal?

With the dawning of the Internet, it has never been easier to get in touch and establish relationships with those you otherwise would have never met. Yet, what about the ignorant strangers lurking about the inner sanctums of the Web? Such people inspire me and make me want to poison the water supply at the same time. So how would I hook up with these elusive Net Neanderthals? Omegle, a new program and iPhone application which does just that. Fun!

“…When given the choice of hiding behind the veil of anonymity and unleashing your inner creep, or showing your true intellectual self, which would you choose? Which do you choose?…”

Read more of my article on this intriguing program here at SuicideGirls!


  1. directrix1 says:

    Oddly enough I have met several people through Omegle who turned into friends. If you want a real challenge in finding real human beings try . This randomly connects your webcam with a strangers webcam. I’ve only gotten one friend off that one. Random relationships are hard. Especially, when there are no consequences to any action at all ever. As you observed, most people can’t handle the power that affords. I thrive on volatile randomness… so it works out for me. 😛

  2. Kifa says:

    I wonder – why people have a hidden urge to make idiots of themselves anonymously over the Internet? The only one who would know who is the idiot in question would be the idiot himself, so any “bragging rights” are surely not the reason. Is talking to a random stranger about one’s this or that size is some kind of spiritual experience nearing nirvana in it’s nature? I’ll never know – each and every time I try to ask someone about their take on philosophical development of lemmings, they just disconnect… 🙁

  3. Tristech says:

    i do not understand the post it appears that these people need to learn about the internet and its nearly unlimited uses and features. that is why i started the Tristech Project, to help people

  4. I think people who do the stupid crap online know they are not seen and have this hidden personality of wanting to be a jerk in person but afraid of the reprocussions so online since no one can see them they let that part of the personality free.
    I am social online and off so i am not like that.

    as Popeye says, ” I am what i am and that’s all that i am.” 😀

    as always great article Nixie keep up the great work.

  5. NickMcD says:

    This is funny, it reminds me of the AOL days. a/s/l. That brings back memories.

    Aside form the perverted, it is really cool that technology is able to connect literally everyone in the world. That’s why i love twitter, I am able to talk to people from all over and share my ideas with the world. I think apps like this have a lot of potential but in reality they will be used for a/s/l

  6. James says:

    Well I had several good friendships at the time that were from random chats in yahoo chatrooms. One in particular lasted through the ages and she’s now my wife 🙂 incidentally the Android does indeed rock. Typing this on an HTC hero. Can’t wait for 2.1 to come out on it!

  7. MystiqueMax says:

    omfg… I tested Omegle just now. There is a function for video chat. Ok, I pointed my webcam to the nearest wall and clicked on the button VIDEO.

    Positiv: It worked out of the box. I saw a picture at once.
    Negativ: The video, I received, was a guy, neck down, completly nude and I saw him holding his penis and masturbate.

    Great page… I promise I won’t get wet dreams from that.
    Next time I’ll test textchat instead.

    And now, please excuse me, I feel sick to my stomach.

  8. TOBY!!!! says:

    i guess seeing this makes me real as they come i am a d*** sometimes and other times not so much. as i are online as well sometimes and wtf is omegle whatever happened to skype, have we all forgotten to not talk to strangers or more or less strange people?

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