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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


iPhone 4 – Lightweight, Thin and Sexy

Steve Jobs took center stage today at 10 AM PDT at the World Wide Developers Conference, facing the mass of tech-hungry magazines, newspapers and bloggers alike. For the last two years Apple has revealed their new iPhone at WWDC, so the audience was understandably bustling about the potential unveiling of their rumored 4G Iphone, much like the one that was leaked here:

Find out never-before seen features and tech by reading on to my GT article!

I promise, no security warnings this time 😎


  1. Chuck says:

    About your Twitter question – you are definitely orgasmic Nixie!

    Regarding the iPhone whatchamacallit thingy — I still have a 5+ year old flip phone. Don’t hate me 😉

  2. Tommy says:

    It’s made by apple, ergo, it’s crap, and I don’t trust it.

  3. Daniel says:

    The iPhone is like scientists who be lying and getting me pissed.

  4. Security says:

    I never cared much for the iPhone as I preferred to go for a Windows mobile based phone instead because of the customization options you have (different ROM’s, you can modify the OS to your liking and freedom in what you install).

    The new iPhone is getting features the competing brands have had for ages and claims them as something new (all you can say about the iPhone 4 is that the screen seems good). Then there is the new iOS 4, there actually introducing adds in the OS… that is an absolute joke.

    It seems like the only decent option is becoming Android as Windows Mobile is getting less functionality and freedom to modify (MS seems to want to go towards the way Apple does things) where Android seems to move forwards with an astonishing pace.

    It does make me wonder if I am missing something here as there so many people willing to pay allot of money for this phone and I simply do not see why.

    • Daniel says:

      A lot of people I know who get the iPhone, get it because it’s the cool toy to have in a lot of people’s eyes. They don’t get it for reasons a lot of people get the Android or Blackberry. They get it because they want to treat it like a toy. It’s sad really. I would rather have a phone that functions the way I want than to have a phone with cookie cutter apps.

    • i2FUN says:

      Although Windows Phone 7 will be Gardened Walled like iPwn’s. At least MS knows how to run one properly, having run Xbox Live for near a decade. I’m not a Windows Mobile fan and defo not an CrApple iNazi, but I think their new OS will be more of a hit than CrApple’s Spotted Yellow Fever Retina IPS Screen iPhone4 and it’s All New Ultra Nazi control scheme.

      You know…. where Control is now a FEATURE taken to heights of debauchery. With WiFi only Vid Chat that WinMo phones have had for ages over standard wireless servers and now over 3G it can’t do. Don’t forget their handy NEW Improved iPhone’s ability to drop calls with their latest greatest looking Xternal Antenna. Yeah… dropped calls are now a feature to get you to buy their Glorious NEW Rainbow Colored Rubber Baby Bumpers to muck those looks back up!

      There’s also a new book out in iBooks written by Steve Jobs for new CrApple iAd Campaign. Titled “How to Hold Your iPhone4 for Dummies”! Only $9.99 with the purchase of an iPad! …but WAIT, for only $20 more you’ll receive a Genuine Yellow Rubber Bumper dyed with Real Yellow Chinese Worker’s Blood!!! ….act now in the next 20 minutes and receive absolutely FREE a 3D Retina IPS Screen Logo Sticker to put on the back, so you can tell which side you’re using! 😀

  5. neoreloaded says:

    I use HTC HD2 windows mobile and i have had no problems what so ever – the screen is huge & everythink works great. The iphone is looking old. I use snow leopard for web development – windows 7 for gaming – linux as main OS for relaxing stuff. My point is i am not into one OS i have a good use for all of them but i have to say i think the iphone is turning into a fossel.

    Isnt it weird the way phone operating systems can now create a OS war style debate involving linux/apple or windows? Anyone remember the old nokia 3210 days he he

  6. HahTse says:

    It’s trés chique, it’s shiny, it’s…overrated. Really. I think the only real thing they got that is better than the latest Google/HTC-models is the battery life.

    The Video-Call-thingy won’t work in Germany anyway, because it would just fuck too much with the Carrier(s). And since that is everything that counts (at least for me XD), I will stay happy with my HTC Dream and Android 2.1 (2.2 if Cyanogen manages to port it ^^)

    + no Porn on the AppStore. Which sucks. Well not literally of course (because, you know, NO PORN), but you catch my drift 😉

  7. i love my sexy iphone…
    <a href="; rel="dofollow"Tech Help Nerd

  8. i really trust my iphone..
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  9. cronic5 says:

    I will keep my Eris and be happy.

  10. Nick says:

    has anyone had the chance to compare the nexus one to the IP4?cuz i wana know wich one could be worth getting.XD

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