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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Kodak Zi8 Pocket Camcorder Preview and Unboxing Goodness!

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Zi8 for quite some time. Now my excitement is forever encapsulated in time as I unbox this wonderous tech gem. Have a look and TRY not to drool at it’s shinyness. Seriously.

Nerdy specs after the jump..

  • Full HD 1080p video capture
  • Works with PC and Mac OS
  • 720p with 60 FPS as a “motion capture” option
  • Built-in image stabilization
  • Face tracking capabilities;
  • Vivid 2.5″ color LCD;
  • Flip-out USB for fast uploading, sharing, and charging;
  • 5 MP 16:9 widescreen HD still pictures;
  • Easy upload to Facebook and YouTube;
  • Record up to 10 hours of HD video* with the expandable SD/SDHC card slot that can hold up to 32 GB;
  • External microphone jack; (I’m going to use a lapel mic with mine)
  • HDMI cable included in box;

Check out the pocket camcorder at!


  1. Is the battery charged yet?…I want to see what kinda footage this baby produces!

  2. Chris says:

    I know one piece of tech i cant wait for is natal for the 360…

    and one thing i want thats already out is the falcon…
    (about 4 minutes in you see it in use)

  3. Jonn says:

    You make my geek heart pump rapidly with excitement when I watch you excitement.

  4. D4N says:

    this thing is so small and HD o.O

  5. Torch says:

    You look like the epitome of the cat that ate the canary!

    Now i’m going to have to get one too!

  6. Sonic Alpha says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing you test that camera out 🙂

  7. axel says:

    looks awesome, congrats. think uve convinced me to buy one, and i didnt even kno stuff like this existed til today.

  8. Stefan says:

    What do you normally shoot your vids on? Just inetrested to know.

  9. baquex says:

    pimpin cam! u soo gotta post a vid to check out the quality of that baby!

  10. The Great Excelcior says:

    Congrats! I know the thrill of new cameras all too well. Great set of features for that price, and the external mic input is a suprise. The video that I’ve seen looks good. I wonder if the bundled software will run under Wine?

    I’m looking forward to the Pentax K-7 or its descendant, in particular, the HDR feature. The wide dynamic range is the biggest thing that makes me nostalgic for film.

  11. I will buy one of this !! 🙂

    like you and your videos !!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m curious what your selection criterion was. The easy assumption is that this is for posting videos. Portability, 1080p, durability, storage? Good optics can be a real challenge to find in such small devices. Do you need Windows or OSX for special features? I assume it will present itself as a USB storage device to Linux.

  13. dsi r4 says:

    Video capture up to 1080p HD resolution; image quality is quite good for a mini camcorder; SD card slot; removable, rechargeable battery; bundled composite and HDMI cables; strong low-light performance; external mic jack; electronic image stabilization; 5-megapixel still capture; macro focus mode.

  14. r4 dsi says:

    I love this little camera! The picture and sound quality are so far superior to my Flip camera it’s not even funny. Waaaaay better. Very quick and easy to use, bright colors, sharp images, good sound. I use this for my business in a variety of ways and it’s great.

  15. […] is a complete review of my new pocket HD camcorder, the Kodak zi8. Since my unboxing of this HD cam a while ago, I have taken so much footage with this baby it will make your head spin! Since […]

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