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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Linux + Open Source Tees that Don’t Suck

I don’t know about you, but for a long time I’ve been disappointed with the selection (or lack thereof) of Open Source and Linux t-shirts. Lately I’ve been working tirelessly with Teespring to change that. So here’s some new shirt designs that I’ll be giving away to you guys!

click for large size

click for large size

I’d love to know what you think!


  1. Ricardo J. Barberis says:

    I voted for the #!/bin/bash one, I also like the Uncle Sam one but the white background doesn’t work for me, maybe a black background (or the same color as the shirt, i.e. transparent background) would be better.

  2. Vader says:

    Definitely the Uncle Sam one, albeit I’m Australian. I would wear the crap out of that at my job as PC Tech in the local computer shop and try to spread the word of Open Source!

    • Jeff Paxton says:

      I second this. I would absolutely wear the Uncle Sam one at work. I work at an IT help desk at a call centre.

  3. Liam says:

    Holy moley a post! Yay!

  4. nicokempe says:

    I use ZSH instead of Bash. Maybe /bin/sh would be more universal. 🙂
    Anyway I like the llama most, because it’s subtle and a little obscure. And it’s a llama.
    Other ideas:
    1.) instructions how to make/print a t-shirt (open source..)
    2.) “You are free to copy this shirt”
    3.) a llama with Tux riding on its back? Or Tux feeding it or something..
    4.) “# whoami”
    5.) something that emphasizes the user-friendliness of Linux these days?

    • Ricardo J. Barberis says:

      2) I like it! maybe with an Open Source or Free Software reference (i.e. “This t-shirt is open source, feel free to copy it”).

      And +1 to /bin/sh instead of /bin/bash

  5. techn0gichida says:

    I’m a talk nerdy kind of guy so you know my fav

  6. Blitz says:

    I had a hard time deciding which t-shirt I like most. 🙂 Eventually I’ve decided I’d prefer the first and second one.

  7. Definitely the second one. #!/bin/bash. Love the caption on the back. 😉

  8. Jumi says:

    These shirts have “Super Cow Powers”!

  9. Eric Lovejoy says:

    I have some pent up emotions about gnome2 falling off the face of the planet. Also about the need for backports. How about a debian packaging video? You do great for beginners, lets see some less superficial community building. Like packaging, or coding, documentation, contributing art, licensing, or an of the other projects that contribute to the longevity of open-source projects. It great for any project to have users, but what the open-source community really needs is upstream contribution. You could easily have a video on what upstream contribution means.

  10. servant74 says:

    1 or 4 — but then my pickup has a “Live Free or Die” – “Unix” license plate.

  11. Glen says:

    can someone educate me as to what he code on the back does ? i get that it writes “talk nerdy to me” into a file called .bashrc, but to what end.
    would it actually do something ?
    ( change prompt in a shell ?)

  12. ALPATROUZPirate says:


  13. ALPATROUZPirate says:


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