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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


And now for something completely different..

To prove to you that I haven’t dropped completely off of the face of the planet, here is a little tidbit of information on the Lychee fruit. Yes, it’s a fruit.

The truth is, I’m currently editing two other videos; one a quick update vlog and the other a linux tutorial! They’ll be up as soon as possible.  In the meantime, here’s an extensive background on this odd soapberry, the Lychee.


  • Russ

    i’ve always pronounced it “LIE-chee” too, but i was recently corrected but some chinese friends of mine. it’s actually said “LEE-chee”, as is stan LEE.

    either way, i really do like the sweet flavor of the lychee 🙂 i’ve never had lychee boba though. i’ll have to try that!

  • I would not even think of eating that fruit.

  • Believe it or not today was the first time I’ve ever heard the word “SoapBerry” and its the first time I’ve ever seen a Lychee.

  • BB

    Just wanna remind u… please check any bugs on stem before put it into your mouth.
    And its Chinese name is “荔枝”~~BTW, I don’t like eating it..:b

  • eleno

    woah the video player is terrible…the video plays bad in firefox as well chrome. Maybe it’s just my computer.

  • HahTse

    Actually, they taste quite good ^^

    You can get Lychee-juice at most chinese/vietnamese/whatever-takeaways in Germany.

  • DalianDragon

    I LOOOOOVE Lee-chee fruit !! Just peel it and pop the WHOLE THING in your mouth! It feels like an eyeball rolling around on your tongue.

    I used to eat Lee-chee’s all the time in china. But, I don’t know where to get them now (I’m in the mid-west).

  • adriene

    I LOVE lychee!!!! Used to have a tree in my backyard growing up in Hawai’i. So good. And you can get lychee juice in most markets where I live now. Also really good.

  • Jack Cobb

    try Durian next!

  • Serioulsy, tastes like soap? Lychee is second only to mangosteins (not mangos which are also good) for delectabiliity.

    PS You probably won’t like Durion.