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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


PAX 2009 Indie Game Countdown: A Look Into Machinarium

From everything I have read and seen in the previews, Machinarium seems to be to adventure games what World of Goo was to puzzle games. A simple, point-and-click flash game put out as an inexpensive digital download by a (relatively) unknown developer that seems poised for greatness. The visuals, the music, the setting, and the gameplay appear ready to pull the player in and fully immerse he or she in our poor little robot’s universe. This game is definitely on my must-have list for the year. It should be released in October of this year for Windows, Mac, and, according to the developers…Linux!

I had the opportunity to play some of this game at the GDC this year and the graphics, soundscore were incredible along with the dedication of the developers. There is hope afterall for adventure, linux and indie game lovers alike! What do you think about this prospect?

Check out my article here at GameGirl for my full game preview!


  1. the design looks pretty sweet, i like how the design almost looks drawing like from what i can see.

  2. Drasky Vanderhoff says:

    YAODOM!!! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! GAMES => ART! Thanks a lot to share this , is truly lovely

  3. Fu Manchu says:

    Finally something original and none of that recycled Monkey Island BS…
    I like. I like a lot!

  4. bastr3 says:

    WoW… nice game

  5. I allways loved adventure games. When I was a kid I grew up with the adventures from LucasFilm (Monkey-Island, Loom) and off course the Indy games. After that, there were just a few point and click adventures that were able to pull you into their world. Hope this one does the job…

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