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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Best of CES : Thing-O-Matic by Makerbot!

While guest blogging for Logitech at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, I got to see a lot of neat technology and meet a lot of rad people, like Bre Pettis, the CEO of Makerbot Industries! This open-source 3D printer from MakerBot really deserved to be shown…it is a lot of fun to watch things be made, check it out!

Here are some molds MakerBot fans have created:

makerbot creation

Gothic Cathedral Play Set

makerbot creation 2

OpenSCAD Helical Gears

3d printer

Parametrized Lego Bricks

If you could make a 3D print of anything, what would it be?


  1. Zarel says:

    My 3D print would be a little llama playing with computer (but I admit I don’t know which position it should adopt…), and of course it would be a present for you ♥

  2. I would make a life size statue of Nixie herself for all to worship. haha that would be awesome.

  3. Lenar says:

    Can MakerBot print one more MakerBot? =)

  4. ZZCOOL says:

    is it weird that i want to eat up those creations

  5. Jigsaw says:

    wow this thing is realy awsome!!!isn’t this 3d printer just like a realy small milling machine?I actualy saw somtething like that in my school……a project a group of students did like 5to 8 years ago if im not mistaken…..but stil this thing-o-matic is quit impressive XD.

  6. V Koeut says:

    I would have to make it print out ultra realistic bacon to use as currency after Dec 21st 2012… or maybe just cheesy promotional pen holders!

  7. V Koeut says:

    oh wait maybe a uber cool belt buckle that looks like a Tag Cloud….

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