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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Break in Kojima Countdown – Metal Gear Solid 5 Confirmed?

Knowing that Hideo is not only the creator of the Metal Gear Solid Series but also king of suspense who is an expert in giving blue balls (or ovaries) to most gamers, I decided to check the Kojima Productions site again today. There were the letters “P” and “R” flashing across the screen, the newness of it all making me instantly intrigued when suddenly..

Yep, it’s Big Boss. (if you don’t know.. educate yourself and come back to me.:)))

Kojima, we knew you couldn’t stay away from MSG. It’s your baby, the game is practically in your blood. Could this truly be the mark of Metal Gear Solid 5? Fans also are speculating that the lightning strikes in the teaser video symbolize Jack a.k.a Raiden, another Metal Gear character. Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu theorize that Jack will also appear somewhere before the countdown ends.

It would seem like the release date to a bad ass prequel is going to be announced soon; Are you ready?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Yup – Ready and waiting!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmm, I haven’t played MGS since MGS 2 so I won’t be waiting for this per say. But it would be awesome if Hideo was allowed to make an MGS or something completely new on the PC.

  3. Jonn says:

    The daily dorkism. Food for thought I don’t like the games, but the games like me or maybe I really secretly like them too could be.
    Anyway Nix I really enjoy reading and watching the new stuff as it graces my computer screen. Keep strong and know I will always be a fan. Take care be safe.

  4. Nick says:

    Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh i’m ready for one more MGS.

    And… it’s official, Raiden appears in the video, and other random letters and numbers.

  5. THE BAW says:

    Hideo Kojima!! The biggest game creator!! and Metal Gear Solid is the best tactical adventure Game Ever!!!

  6. sirukin says:

    I would rather the plot line was completely cut down to the bare essentials throughout and rid itself of the pervasive Japanese commentary on the military industrial complex. Also, more accurate depiction of small arms in-game and a further level of complexity and customization to those firearms would make this series so incredibly detailed it’d blow your mind. Could also do without stupid looking robotic leg monsters. Better AI and in-battle voice acting for enemy units, ridding the game of the stupid octocamo garbage and octo-suit….basically a return to conventional military stratagem instead of science fiction-type technology decades in the future.
    idk, I just want a first person stealth shooter that depicted it realistically without all the garbage that invariably permeates it’s way into a video game just because the socially-retarded nerds think it’s cool. Next I suppose Snake will have psychic powers and levitate objects and hurl them towards his enemies, or be required to hunt down an ancient magical amulet protected by a dragon.

  7. AL! says:

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  8. billy says:

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