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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Microsoft Natal Takes on First Person Shooters?

When the action flick Minority Report hit the silver screen, I remember being wowed by the futuristic operations center which was the main focus of the movie. People moving information from screen to screen with a flick of the wrist, looking up suspects and whizzing through data by doing nothing more than moving their fingers. The technology seemed so far away.. and what a difference just a few short years have made.

Now we have gaming technology that allows you to manipulate games with a mere pass of your hand, and it was recently leaked that this hardware can be used with first person shooters, particularly half-life 2.

My full article on GeekTyrant along with leaked video footage, come check it out!


  1. DontPanic42 says:

    I always felt that science fiction is a glimpse into our future. I mean star trek is a perfect example. I just hope one day we never have to meet an Alien species that hunts us for sport cause Arnold is getting pretty old and i don’t think he would be able to handle it anymore.

  2. directrix1 says:

    I kind of thought this about the Wii. But after the initial “neato” factor, the novelty wore off and now seems gimmicky. I like regular controllers again :P.

  3. stock picks says:

    I can see project Natal being the next “big thing” and that it could really change how gamers interact with their games. They just need to make sure that they are able to release it so that it really is as simple to use as they showed at E3.

  4. BlankJebus says:

    i really dunno about this video. i mean, it could very well be some guy playing half life 2 using natal, but then again, it could very well be a spoof with a guy pretending he’s doing something and someone controlling it in the background….

  5. NeoReloaded says:

    Hey remember ‘Lawnmower Man’ am still waiting for those virtual reality games they had were your strapped into a moving sphere and it can make you more brainy so when your mowing the lawn hot babes wanna F__K you on the spot – well that is what went down in the movie.

    But that video Nixie posted sure is cool how far we have moved on. Imagine a Star Trek game – press your shirt button and say ‘number one i command you to take a number 2’ he he. Or a star wars game with a pretend light saber would be cool.

  6. Nate Gigs says:


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