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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Telekinesis : Not Just In Your Head

Have you ever dreamed of moving things with your mind? Out of all of the many marvels at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, I never expected to see something as innovative as the Mind Flex.

Neurosky teamed up with Mattel, the worlds’ largest toy manufacturer, to create a revolutionary device that has been described as “basketball for your brain.” It had me thinking: “So, to develop telekinesis all I need is this thing?” I was skeptical, so the Mindflex team let me have a sneak-peek…

Neurosky claims they have created cutting-edge technology combined with the power of your mind to create an interactive experience unlike any other – a game where the players compete in the “ultimate mental marathon.”

How it works: A lightweight headset containing sensors for the forehead and earlobes measures your brainwave activity. When you focus your concentration, a small foam ball will rise on a gentle stream of air. Relax your thoughts and the ball will descend. By using a combination of physical and mental coordination, you must then guide the ball through a customizable obstacle course – the various obstacles can be repositioned into many different configurations.

My experience: Having ADD I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything, let alone move a ball through a hoop with only my thoughts. Yet, after some coaching (and some Jedi Mind tricks) I figured it out.

The Bottom line: This is only the beginning. If we can create a device like this, what’s next? Doing dishes without lifting a finger? Levitating a remote to our hand so we can change channels on our T.V? In a few years, telekinesis may not just be in our heads.

Mindflex will be released this fall and retail for $80.

If you want to find out more about Mindflex, check out my video detailing my experience at the demonstration in Las Vegas:


  1. Marvin says:

    So is it still called an “air ball” when you miss by a mile? Aren’t they all technically air balls? =P

  2. Torch says:

    Much coolness!!

    Not only the ‘game’ itself and all that it means for the future (although I suppose I should have seen it coming…), but this video is an example of something I’m sure you had fun putting together, and it was cool watching it – but not something I would ever think of actually looking for!

    (and, your fun comments added to it as well… bravo, and keep up the good work!)

  3. Torch says:

    I thought this deserved a Digg, I hope you don’t mind but I changed the headline a bit, and tagged it as ‘Technology – Gadgets’ rather than ‘Gaming’… I do think this is just the beginning of rapid and unpredictable new paths to gaming (and all kinds of other applications eventually!)

    Incidentally, here is another dugg story, similar but not the same:

  4. MASK13 says:

    AWESOME!!! What will we come up with next? I have got to get my hands on one of these… I suppose I might be able to get one at a yardsale in about 6 years for something a little less than $100 bucks…

  5. nixiepixel says:

    It’s less than $100 now actually.. Thanks for mentioning something.. hence the my editing of the post. =D

  6. Anonymous says:

    Looks like it could be some promising technology. Seems like as it stands (as far as video gaming is concerned) it would only be useful for some ultra old school games like Pong, but I would think Pong could be fun again if played with my mind.

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