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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


CES 2011: Mobile Gaming – Hot or Not?

The undeniable trend this year is mobile gaming. What do you think about it?


  1. Kifa says:

    I personally regard mobile gaming as a form of “pop gaming”. It is common because games are small, cheap and people don’t have time (or think they don’t have it) to play with a regular handheld game console. I personally own a quite old mobile (Symbian V3) and never really use it for gaming on the go – my PSP 3k and DS Lite are better suited for that.

    However – mobile gaming will continue to gain popularity, as more and more developers are looking into it and phones are starting to become really powerful. For me – I’m kind of old fashioned, I never really caught the hype of the HD/3D era and I think I’ll stick with handhelds. It’s more nerd-like, and gaming on your phone is never… umm… hot…?

  2. I think mobile gaming is on the rise because Nintendo has shown the power and profitability of casual gaming with the Wii. Casual gaming is for those non-gamers to have fun for short bursts of time like Angry Birds where you can play for 5 mins or an hour like if you are waiting in line or on break from classes/work and need something to do.

    As for replacing hard core gaming it wil not happen. You can’t put cheap mobile games against the power behind games on the PSP/DS/3DS and games like Mario, Zelda, FInal Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, MGS, GOW, and the might that is Pokemon which require dozens of hours, strategy, and dedication to play for hours on end.

    So to me mobile is here to stay since more and more non-gamers are buying them and playing them here and there casually but it’s not for hard core gamers only the big ones get transformed into full DS/PSP games like Plants Vs Zombies with the XBLA and the upcoming DS version and Angry birds is getting the same treatment, but those are few and far between among all the mobile games.

  3. PARAKRAM says:

    mobile gaming ..well unless mobile have big screen where i feel the heat and dust of the battle or the cross never going to win my heart..try as it migth..the only game i played..snake..then shooting..marksmanship..olympic style..plympic shooting looks so easy when we play it in mobiles

  4. Christopher says:

    I have the iPhone, could I ever possibly see it replacing my console?? Yea right, maybe when pigs fly. The games for phones and hand held devices are just lame, yea they are good time passers but are nothing and will be nothing more in my eyes. Now there are some people out there that may agree or disagree, but just face it, who really plays games on there phone if there not sitting in a Doctors office, ridding on a road trip, or just being completly board out of there minds.

  5. Chris says:

    Thumbs up for the escort, i cant afford one of those nice new $200 ones, but I’ve got one of these bulky old ones..
    it still works great though and has saved me many tickets while flying to town late to class.

    As for mobile gaming I think its great, i play games all the the on my samsung fascinate, droid ftw.

  6. Six6Star says:

    I believe mobile gaming has increased and will increase due to the number and quality of the various game emulators available on the ANDROID market. Their effectiveness is greatly increased on the higher end cell phones such as the Galaxy-S series. I my self have a Samsung Captivate and YES it’s naturally rooted, modded, customized and overclocked. I run every emulator I can find on it. NES, GameBoy color and advance, GameGear, Genesis, Super Nintendo, Playstation, MAME or NeoGeo, C64, ATARI 2600 + 5200 and eventually Nintendo 64 when it comes out. I agree, many of the “cell phone” games are kinda lame but there are some that are well made and very addictive. I do however prefer playing more of the old NES games as well as Genesis. Many of the ANDROID phones will use ORIGINAL Nintendo Wii controllers to play these emulators which make using them much easier. Sadly mine is not supported at this time. I can’t swear to what the I-Phone has for emulators but I can only hope…for it’s owners… the “fashion phone” has more than cell games to keep it’s owners occupied. I’m a die-hard ANDROID person for all the “for the users, by the users” reasons. All hail LINUX!

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