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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Video: Call of Duty Blamed for Russian Terrorist Attack

I figured it was about time that you guys get a weekly show from me, so..

Welcome to my new segment, WTF Wednesdays!

It’s the first episode and here’s the story: A recent terrorist bomb blast has been linked to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by the Russian news.

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What do you think about this?

Every week I will cover new hot debate issues on all things gaming, tech and geek. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Terry G says:

    Video games serve two purposes it can predictively program the human sub conscience mind and some of it’s future actions depending on how weak the individual is at being manipulated. Also it can serve political agenda’s as well and with this recent attack in Russia it’s hypes up the prospected of new front in the “war on terrorism”.

  2. Kifa says:

    Thing is that it’s very convenient to blame an american video game, and as you pointed out the scene is different to what happened at Domodiedovo Airport. Besides – as a seasoned gamer I still fail to see how games induce violent behaviour in humans, at least not in the, let’s say, 99% who are “normal”. And I don’t think that terrorists ever play games – they are mostly religious fanatics or nationalists, and such people have no interest in such things. Plus – no game ever teaches anyone how to make a bomb, procure a grenade or maintain an AK-47…

    BUT, as a side note – I think sometimes excessive violence in games serves no purpose. I never played MW2 and I’ve never seen this scene first hand, so I don’t know how exactly this slaughter is rationalised (though I can’t imagine any reason to shoot dozens of civilians), but to me it seems that game developers use violence roughly the same way as movie makers use nudity – to cover up that the game is lacking. I might sound like an old geezer now, but really – do we absolutely NEED scenes like that in games?

    (Excuse my not-quite-perfect english – I’m almost unable to sleep recently… =_=)

    Oh, and as for availabilty of the “uncut” version of the game – well, the terrorists don’t get their weapons in Russia, so they could get anything outside of the coutry, games included… 😉

  3. Chris says:

    I agree 100% with Kifa who says “no game ever teaches anyone how to make a bomb, procure a grenade or maintain an AK-47…” this is just more of the lets blame someone else stuff.

    As far as that particular part of MW2, yes i found it to be a bit extreme but i can also understand why they put it in there. In my opinion when you play a video game its like many other forms of entertainment, you want it to draw you in and you want to feel what the characters feel, so i can see two reasons for the scene…

    1) In this scene your playing an operitive who has infultrated a terrorist
    group and its quite possible this would be the type of situation an under
    cover agent might encounter, sacrifice morals and shoot civilians to keep
    your cover or be found out and killed.

    2) Most importantly it sets up a major part of the back story to the game, that is
    the whole reason the Russians invade is because the agent is killed by the
    terrorist group and found by authorities, therefore making it look like an
    American attack, so the whole second half of the game really doesn’t make
    sense without it.

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