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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Love Poem from a Nerd

Like two foci of an elliptical
Your eyes entice me
Cause my cardiac muscles
To palpitate
As I estimate the distance
Between us

I’ve arrived
At the conclusion
That you’re sitting
Approximately 5 feet and 23 centimeters
Away from me
7 and one half millimeters closer
Than yesterday

As you sit there
And I calculate your potential energy
I find myself wishing
That I could change
Y= mx + b
Into y = Unext2me
You are my complementary angle

nerdy poem pic

I long to whisper
That Newton’s laws
Were created just for you
Of course that’s not true
But logic doesn’t matter anymore
Because my feelings for you are growing exponentially

Like radiation, you penetrate through my skin
You watched my veins branch like fractals
While I reached for the pencil that you dropped
You listened to the logarithm my heart produced
At a near inaudible frequency
As I returned the pencil
To it’s rightful owner

Like absolute zero
All molecules within me halted
In that moment
Your centripetal force sent me spinning
And though they say opposites attract
You didn’t even utter a thank you

It figures
Seeing as the probability of you noticing me
Is exactly .41 in 10,731
But I long
To cosine my name on a love note
Addressed to you

You are the Pascal behind my triangle
And you can count on the fact

that I’ll calc-u-later

Those words made the geek in me wish I was a nerd.  (poem made possible by gogetenks, photo thanks to orangeacid)


  1. Kifa says:

    Nice one, though I really doubt if any of the girls I know would fall for it… 😉

  2. greyfoxx082 says:

    there’s one girl i know who’d fall for it if you ‘talk nerdy’ to her 😛

  3. morpheus1999 says:

    very cool poem … rofl… i think i will use it someday 🙂

  4. zelrik says:

    Heisenberg was a very bad lover:

    Whenever he had the Energy, he had no Time.
    Whenever he got the right Momentum, he couldn’t find the right Position.

  5. Daniel says:

    I like that lady’s style in that photo. Loving ladies who wear the black rim glasses.

  6. stefan says:

    Amazing….you made my day better !

  7. zinehom says:

    very cool 😉

  8. Lorddavo4 says:

    nice I might have to use that

  9. sep says:

    Did you mix feet and centimeters in one measurement? 🙂

  10. Marc says:

    made me wish my girl friend was as into physics as I am. :]
    still made my day…

    (to all respectable fathers)

  11. Will says:

    Dear Nixie,

    Thank you for your clever poem “Love Poem from a Nerd.” I am an English teacher at a high school in Northern California. We celebrated our annual “Nerd Day” yesterday and I read the first three stanzas of your poem on our daily announcements. It was big hit.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Nothing more romantic than the well tooled verse of a thinking mind in love <3.

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