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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Exclusive Geek Erotica – “Talk Nerdy to Me”

Talk Nerdy To Me
And I will talk nerdy to you

You can tank and spank me
Come ride my epic mount
Grind all your levels with me

I will be your ling if you be my overlord
Don’t zerg my pylon
Take your time, no rushing

Talk nerdy to me
And I will talk nerdy to you

Mario had the right idea
Get the mushroom, super size for the princess
Just gotta ride my Yoshi

Photo Courtesey of Tahnh

You can be my master hand
Sure, just super smash
Or my Kirby, inhale me again and again

Talk nerdy to me
And I will talk nerdy to you

Help me now, my Orihime
Control my Raiestu
Together we can achieve Bankai

Artwork by Grey Foxx082

Or make it a Fairy Tail
Can you be my dragonslayer
I am your S ranked mission

So talk nerdy to me, my dear
And I will talk nerdy to you, just be a nerd for me


Many thanks to Anthony Haviaras for submitting this sexy poem for use on my site. <3

  • A. Hamilton

    Seriously come to England Nixie, no beating around the bush I will fuck you through the night.

    • NeoReloaded

      F__K her through the night – how will you manage that when my ass will be in the way. Mannn yer very up front dude.

      • NukerManCock

        dude I’d stick my dick up your asshole until you move out of the way then I’d fuck her brains out until I can’t cum no more..I betcha she’s so super freaky in bed too

    • “fuck” her “through the night”? oh… mean by pulling out her nvidia g-card and replacing it with an unsupported ATI agp card from the late 90’s? …boner so gone now.

  • GPCinf

    Awesome haha, mixes almost everything i like, PC games, mario bros and anime (y).. but you never mentioned metal =(

  • D4N

    GPCinf, because metal music is not geeky, unless you mean ‘super shiny metal’ performed by Optimus Rhyme.

  • juls

    hehe lovely gg aj πŸ˜€ <3

  • Exo

    I know the person who wrote this personally. A very awesome job from a very awesome person!

  • Babyblue

    I know the person who wrote that as well. He’s the best at everything that he puts his mind to <3 πŸ™‚

    *tori* aka Babyblue– nerdy "Wow-Korgath"

  • Bobskong

    Aw how sweet!!! nerdy poems are the best πŸ˜€ <3

  • aaron

    as Sheldon from the big bang theory would say “BAZINGA”

  • wow… now I feel kind of ashamed that i get all of those references…

    • Yoishan

      Why be ashamed, I am the creator. I am a nerd and I am proud!

  • Tyler Mullins

    My mushroom is already super-sized so come on already and well grind through every level and i’ll push it all the way to the back of your dungeon … ill relentlessly siege your castle and bomb inside and out

  • Hey very nice site I’m jealous if only I could get my grub on

  • JETP1L0T

    Haha Ok, I’ll have a crack at talking nerdy to ya πŸ˜‰

    You be my Peach, I’ll be your Mario.
    I’ll pick you up in my kart,
    Hope you dont mind sharing the seat.
    We’ll cruise down rainbow road,
    While exchanging body heat.

    I’ll capture your bunker,
    with strategic use of force.
    Send wave after wave,
    Until you come for me,
    Then my siege tank will respond
    There’s plenty of time
    While i research the nuke
    But when my launch is detected
    It will be all over your base

    My sword is large,
    Controlled with precession and flow.
    My materia is yours,
    How I long to share your life force.
    Nixie you are my final fantasy

  • Hi Nixie,

    “So talk nerdy to me, my dear
    And I will talk nerdy to you, just be a nerd for me”

    You are such as amazing as my ubuntu-terminal.
    BTW: Love your Cat.