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Does the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 Also Suck?

Does the Blackberry 2.0 Also Suck?


Remember this?

Game Exclusive! Walmart?!


Even though Netflix is Wrong for Not Supporting Linux..

…They’re right when they choose the best time to buffer.



  • Lucktacular

    I once caught a fish THIS big!

  • Billyman Gilson

    What’s a Linux?

    • MHazell

      A kernel. It is used to make operating systems.

  • P


  • Glenn Snead

    Netflix – best on a TV.

  • Michael Eber

    I had Netflix streaming for over a month and found that it really isn’t worth it. Mainstream movies are old and remaining movies are dull and boring. So no issue that it is not supported on Linux (thank you Silverlight)

  • Brian Smith

    In a way support Linux; Roku uses a version of Linux and Roku plays Netflix.

    • Robert Jaesen Hill

      Also dont forget android

  • Guest

    Duh. What’s a Linux duh. Uh huh.. Movies.. (drool) It’s called BITTORRENT F*(I(K”ERS!! GEt a brain.

  • Bojwolb

    You being a computer nerd & you don’t simply just pirate whatever movie or tv show you want? Fuck NetFlix! I say that unless you are actually going to a theater, you shouldn’t pay a cent to see a movie.

  • Bojwolb

    BTW, I’d definitely tap ya!