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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Nixie Fails her Driver’s Test

According to an insurance company’s telephone survey* of more than 2,000 drivers…

30 percent of women have drank and drove.

77 percent of women have crashed their vehicle.

36 percent of woman admitted to verbally abusing another driver.

Gladly I succeed at not fitting into either of the above percentages in real life, but I sure fail at virtual driving. At E3 this year playing DiRT 2 I drove like I was drunk, crashing my vehicle while being verbally abusive to the other drivers! I guess you’ll just have to watch to find out. 😉

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*Men Versus Women Drivers – Car Crash Statistics and Survey


  1. Sum Wun says:

    Who would have thought that by “We’ll cut that out” you meant isolate just that clip and upload it. That’s just great. It looks like it would be a blast to play on even if you are crashing all the time.

  2. Neoreloaded says:

    You did say you can play games didnt you Nixie? I have been saying for a while that women cannot drive! Women look in the mirror and check out there make up instead on the traffic. Most women are like old people – they should be on scooters.

    He he 🙂

  3. DarkRedman says:

    At least you tried 🙂

    I heard the sounds of Need for Speed Shift ! I really would like to participate in competition, I didn’t find local gamers team who plays this game but, it would be a dream for me to go there and play with others people.

  4. Security says:

    Oh I would love to give Dirt 2 a try with a steering wheel and the pedals etc. 😀
    I suspect some fail tho as well, especially on that level (forgot it’s name), up till the house on the left it is easy but then the crashing starts!

  5. Leischna says:

    i’m not a too god ingame driver too but damn some nice spins you did there 😉

  6. pxsuc says:

    Hi,I like your video,your sense of games,and jokes !

    Me,too, game freak, but too much crazy for games especially.

    And I’m Japanese. visit my web site,if you could.

    Be my friend anyway PLZ, and share our informations. if u K,I’so happy.

  7. buffchick says:

    Is that dress one of your favorites? I’ve seen it a couple of times in pics now. (P.S. it’s really cute.)

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