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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


My Photoshoot Theme Votes are IN!

UPDATE 9/5/2011

Calculating votes across the board on my website, Facebook, Google + and Youtube.. it looks like I’ll be in a corset and cables for the calendar shoot. I’m pretty excited about this theme actually as I really get to express how technology can ‘tether’ and ‘bind’ us at times.. I’ll announce more about the calendar as it gets closer! :mrgreen:

USB Cable on my deskFirst Real CorsetCorset Shopping

^ trying on corsets for the 1st time


>>>>>>> original post <<<<<<<<<

In support of the Breast Cancer Research Fund, I’m very excited to  have been chosen as one of the models who will represent the face (among other things) of geek in the 2012 Girls of Geek calendar!

I have no money to gain from this personally but a portion of each sale will help fund research for this worthy cause. For Breast Cancer Awareness month this October, the calendars will be printed featuring myself and 11 other girls in varying states of nerdiness for your viewing pleasure.

That’s where you come in. Since I owe you all a photoshoot, I’m giving you guys a week to vote for the theme you’d most like to see. Surprise! Make your vote count below:


On a semi-related note, here’s a sexy corset photo…

That is all. ^_^

  • definitely corset !

    • w.viveros

      yes, the second photo is very nice.

    • Jeffery Robertson

      I have to agree on that last comment, but I also have to admit…this is now going on my wallpaper with the rest of the pics of you.

  • SirStiraLot

    Good work we have the pink ribbon day for breast cancer awareness.

    Jane M R.I.P

    Was and still is one of the best known campaigners for this cause.

    When you see them all wearing pink on cricket matches thats Jane and hubbies legacy we all miss her dearly.

  • I’m hesitating between “Corsets and Cables” to satisfy my testosterone, and “Linux” for my geekness… Could it be a good mix of both? ^^

    • That is exactly what I thought. 😉

  • neto torres

    nixie now I question in which you want to see corsets or linux?

  • Tiago

    Just go with what you feel better with 😀

    But you can mix a “Tux & Cables” theme IMHO.

  • TuxSax

    I’ll say I prefer to see you wearing the pink ribbon “ONLY”

    But as many here said, I’ll love a combination of corsets and linux

  • Mr. B

    Hey Nixie,

    I was really hoping for a ZOMBIE theme.

    Whatever the theme, though, it is great that you are helping out and I am sure the photo will be the best in the bunch <3<3

  • I will add myself to the list o people voting for “linux and corsets”. 😉

  • mau


    said this, the one in corset is very beautiful 🙂

  • pistachio

    definatly corset ftw..

  • Voted for corset, just a shame that those of us outside of the USA can’t order the calendar.

  • Kenneth

    Corset with a penguin blaster to take out breast cancer.

  • Understood almost nothing of what you said because I do not speak English, but you are very very beautiful … jajajaja

  • xtremox

    you look so sexy in corset 🙂

  • DNiel

    I love chika geek

  • dave


  • Jonathan

    Looks delightfully old skool proving nerds can let the sexy out and drop jaws

  • wayne

    You are the most intelligent, coolest,, and hotest girl that i have seen on youtube, and the web. You have the opportunity to have any guy in the world whenever you decide to have a relationship. I wish you the very best with your career. You will always been my virtual geek muffin. Live long and prosper!

  • CORSET! I just wish the beautiful face was in the photo! Very nice. Very feminine!

  • Ken

    A custom Linux designed corset?
    I.E. Linux penguin print corset. Lol

  • Ricardo

    I love you sexy……………………..

  • mark statham

    Great to see a hot gamer chick. I’m a gamer my self i love my xbox

  • Aztlan312

    So, I missed the calendar. Any way I can get one?

  • Mega boner and puking rainbiws and shitting unicorns

  • rahmon

    I am in love with you send me a messeg

  • Brian Green

    Nixie Pixel……Yummmm

  • Mph

    Nixi, contact me if you can you blocked .me on Facebook

  • Al Jey

    Nixie ROCKS!!!

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  • Nick

    I realize you probably hear this like a hundred times a day, but: Since when are girls allowed to look like you, and be open source software enthusiasts? That just doesn’t happen on this planet as far as I know.

  • Ash

    What ever happened to your sg set? Stealth reborn was the name I think?

  • Simon chilli

    Not sure what the first option was!! Knew the second one tho.