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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Battle of the Banners Contest!

Exciting new changes are ahead and the time has come to boast some unbelievable bling (for my online space, that is). You’re all invited to make a banner and the one with the most votes will receive their choice of either:

  • LOTR Online PC DVD (NEW and Includes the Shadows of Angmar and Mines of Moria Expansions)

    LOTR Online PC DVD

  • All in One USB Travel Kit (NEW with Retractable USB Mouse, Retractable Ethernet Cable, USB Cables, Headphones and 4 USB Connectors! Yeehaw!)
  • All In One USB Travel Kit

    Voting HAS BEGUN and a Winner will be chosen the following Wed! (October 7th)

    P.S – Since you guys are awesome, I’m also going to be giving away gaming T-shirts to the runners up!

    Banner Criteria:

  • Grey, Black and aqua theme
  • Rectangular (pref=-. 728 x 90 or 468 x 60)
  • A Pixel Feel (optional)
  • I like llamas! (optional)
  • Here are the current entries..

    Banner One created by Harlan
    Nixie Banner Waves

    Banner Two made by Ferret Defunct
    Nixie Grey Pixel Banner

    Banner Three made by Dj Reactor
    Nixie Photo Banner

    Banner Four created by Simon Hunt
    Typing Banner

    Banner Five created by Adam Vender
    Llama Loving Nixie

    Banner Six Created by Eric Gillis
    Stripey Nixie Banner

    Banner Seven Created by Cristianbam
    Pixel Hidden Llama Banner

    Banner Eight created by Gareth
    Llama Pout Banner

    Banner Nine created by Miniloser (who said bigger is better?)
    Pixel Banner

    Banner Ten created by Neek247
    Verticle Striped Banner 2

    Banner Eleven animated by Gary Tam
    Animated Llama!

    Banner Twelve created by Ophenix
    Cloud Petals Banner

    Banner Thirteen created by afallenhope
    Geometrical Nix Banner

    Banner Fourteen created by free programmer
    Swirly Banner

    Banner Fifteen created by George

    If you don’t want to make a banner then please vote on your favorite in the sidebar. Thanks for all your support and good luck!


    1. [Editor Note: PLEASE VOTE IN SIDEBAR .. Thanks =)]

      if i had to pick one out of the selection as the best of the crop it would have to be: Banner Two made by Ferret Defunct.
      Kind of reminds me of the reflection plugin in compiz when you turn the cube lol X

    2. Darke says:

      Its a tossup between banner number 2 and number 4. But… I choose 4 because it was the first one that I noticed on the page!

    3. Eric Gillis says:

      I submitted quite a few banners for your consideration, blah. ^_^ From the email

      Hopefully they didn’t make it to your spam folder x_x;

    4. Anonymous says:

      the animated gif is just too awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ i saw him first prize and me second prize haha.

    5. Captchaface says:

      I like Banner Seven Created by Cristianbam most. It suits you the best

    6. Net4Life says:

      I like number 8, the colors merge well and i like the pics ๐Ÿ™‚

    7. Free_Programmer says:

      Where is my banner ???
      I send tow only for you ๐Ÿ™‚

    8. TeamRoa says:

      If you want to revamp your site with a cool banner I can help you. I have one I did for the contest but didn’t submit it. I still would like you to see it. I am a graphic designer and a friend of Marvin.

      I was thinking of making you a cool video intro for any video that you make. Please let me know what you want to do.

      Send me an E-mail or call me(Get my number from Marvin).

    9. brunopereira81 says:

      Oh man (woman, gurl, mam, Nixie…) Cant we vote on 2 banners???

      If we could I would choose 11 and 13.

      11 because it is so geeky its cool and respect you “I <3 llamas”.

      13 because looks really awesome.

    10. hi Nix! im gonna vote for banner 15 ๐Ÿ™‚ its just top one! see you around x x

    11. Silvernode says:

      I think banner two is the winner. Although I would like to see the “shadow” look more like a shadow if you know what I mean.

    12. iamqueball says:

      I like Banner #8 best. Lama and Real Picture. The real picture will have a lot of people clicking on it just because its’ a real picture of you (and we all know that you are a very attractive woman).

    13. Robert Saunders says:

      I’d say banner #14 is the cats meow.

    14. Alex says:

      2, 12 or 14 They are the best combination of professional, clean and you.

    15. Warpreactor says:

      I like Banner 8, very professional and clean.

    16. Torch says:

      I like 5 because it’s just so unusual, it would be a memorable image… but it’s more fractal-oriented than pixel…

      Otherwise, 12 or 14. 12 because it has a picture, 14 because it’s like a moving pixel, with the 3d and reflection effect. If there’s a decent arrangement to put a picture in it, would be even better.

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    18. Plastic Pond says:

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    19. you can always tell the quality of USB cables by looking at the thickness of the cable. thicker usb cables have higher quality :-.

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