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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Nixie Does Linux!

I know, I know.. with this new job I’ve definitely been slacking in my duties as Linux video poster. All that is about to change!

Click here to go to my brand spanking new Linux channel and stay tuned for constant updates!


  1. Kenric says:


    I saw on some of the Linux forums that you asked about administering a headless Linux Media Server using PS3 Media Server. Did you ever figure out the best way to do this? I am currently trying to get my Ubuntu 10.04.1 Server that I use for media to talk to my PS3 but with little success.


  2. Paer76 (Fr) says:

    Hi Nixie
    yesterday I have buyed a laptop (netbook dell inspiron mini 12)
    and i really don’t know what Linux distribution
    to install on it. Can you give me an advise about this?

    PS: sorry for bad English, I’m French.


  3. cocoron30 says:

    How to setup a VPN in Ubuntu to see sites like HULU outside the U.S.?? I’m in Colombia …!!! from here this page will not load videos … Help!!

  4. Stephen Dorsey says:

    Hi!! A little background. My name is Stephen Dorsey. I attend Devry University . My major is Network Systems Administration. One of my classes were Linux Administration. The book I had for class is Fedora 10 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Bible. Anyway I have a laptop that I tried to install Linux Mint 11 on it. I want install. It keeps on freezing. I have 2gb of ram and 250 gb hard drive. Do you think I need more ram and hard drive?

  5. Joseph Ziehm says:

    Awesome and informative videos on Linux and the Open Source movement. I’ve been writing on Linux and have had two letters published in LJ. I was an early childhood education major and since not wanting to disclose private data to my college (on children) have basically been ex-communicated. Thus, I’ve taken a lot of that into the business interests of working on being a Linux advocate.

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