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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


My Favorite Distro and Learning Linux

I was going to wait until I moved into a new place before cranking out the videos full time again. Hell, it’s been so long since I’ve spent an ENTIRE DAY editing videos that I forgot how completely exhausting it is. However, many of you have been wondering where my Linux videos have gone, and even more of you ask questions every day about Ubuntu and Linux, and rightfully so!

I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and start a new segment consisting of Linux Question and Answer videos, which I’ll make on a regular basis. So here are two of my most frequently asked questions: What is my favorite Linux distro, and what resources would I recommend for someone new to learn Linux:

Links mentioned in the video: and

This video was produced entirely on Linux Mint 10 (Julia) using kdenlive, GIMP, Audacity, and Kazam!


  1. perfectayush says:

    what did u use to make the last section of ur video??? was it blender?? I just loved the way peguins moved

  2. Nick says:

    i agree the peguins wer da bomb …my complement

  3. Cuban says:

    I have to tell you: I HATE the new Ubuntu Desktop “Unity”… is so ssssssslowwwww. By the way, I like your channel.

  4. rikkuness says:

    It may just be personal opinion but I always recommend people to use Fedora, I started with Fedora and it put me in a good place when it came to my career as all of the Linux stuff I work with as part of my job is either RedHat or CentOS. And if you want to really learn Linux inside out then get Slackware, if you know Slack you know Linux.

    Great vids by the way 🙂

  5. Aztlan312 says:

    I just wanted to pitch in my two cents now that you are doing the new video series on Linux. You had mentioned that you would suggest Linux Mint to those that are new to Linux altogether or that are thinking of migrating to it. Have you seen Zorin OS, which is based off of Ubuntu, and would that no be much easier for newbies to learn it and adjust to? Thanks.

  6. Monte says:

    Since usr_local has been to busy with real life to continue his coffee and command line videos I’ve been sending linux newcomers over to your videos for some great tips. Keep the videos coming and happy slacking!

  7. wilson says:

    I think you should try Enlightenment E17. Works perfectly in Debian 6.0, must work great in Ubuntu!

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