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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


New Video: What They Didn’t Want to Show You at E3

Odds are that you’re tired of hearing about E3. {Why?} Because you know all there is to know about the expo and the games, tech and various other things that surround the convention, right?

Perfect. This video is for you. {Again, why?} I made sure to touch base on the uncommon aspects of the show, specifically to give you a bit of the behind-the-scenes look that is usually only achieved through attending the con personally.

Plus, there’s a political issue going on here, and I can’t help myself.

Bonus video: Watch the fight here.

More of my Booth Babe shots!

So what shall it be, kids? Anti-Political Game Marketing or Pro-commie Promo?


  1. Daniel says:

    I just really love that photo of you and Felicia!

  2. Kifa says:

    The North Korea stuff confused me as hell when I first saw it – whatever anyone might think about it, one thing is sure – they got our attention. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Tobal says:

    It is really a strange thing, that the koreans advertise themselves in America. But… you should keep in mind one thing: America is not democratic, it is “moneycratic” (like the most of the world). It is an illusion, that people have power over themselves in a democratic nation. The only thing which controls people is MONEY… which is disgusting imho, but that is only my opinion.
    Who has money can control the media, and media controls the thoughts of the people (at least the majority of people). And the reason why media can control the people is that the governments try to make people dumb… in which they succeed most of the time. That is how a modern “democratic” society works nowadays… it makes soulless consuming zombies out of people. Is communism that much worse.

  4. Tobal says:

    Btw, I’m not a fan of communism… it is as bad as moneycracy.

  5. Kifa says:

    The truth is – those were not Northern Koreans actually, only a very specific advertising for Homefront. Just in case you didn’t even watch Nixie’s video above… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Tobal says:

      Yes, I realized that, but Nixie spoke about advertising communism against democracy… that’s what I reflected to. Just in case you didn’t even read my post above ;).

      • Kifa says:

        I’ve read your post, three times to be sure. And I just pointed out that it was NOT advertisement of communism. :]

        As a side note – what you wrote is true, and not only for USA. I can’t name a country in Europe that does not fit into your description of a ‘democratic society’. I’m living in one of the countries of the former eastern block and it is really an issue for countries like mine. No wonder why older people here look back into the times of socialism (we never had the actual communistic order here in Poland, as opposed to former ZSRR republics) with nostalgia.

        I’m just wondering – will we ever see any new types of government and will they be worse or better…?

        • Kifa says:

          Pfff… ZSRR = USSR… Sorry, this is what happens when you have average air temperatures of over 25 degrees Celcius and try to type in a foreign language. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Tobal says:

            Oh, I just realized you are from Poland :). Nice to “meet” you, I’m from Hungary. I don’t know what you think, but I like polish people.

        • Tobal says:

          Of course, I didn’t say it’s only true to USA. It is true to almost every established country.
          In Hungary, we also had socialism, and the older generation here is also looking back with nostalgia.

  6. Kifa says:

    I honestly never met anyone from Hungary, be it in the Internet or ‘irl’. But generally I have nothing against any particular nation, and well – we were on the same big red bus for like 45 years. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. BigWhale says:

    In other News: Eastern Europeans occupied Nixie’s blog …

    Hello my fellow former communists! ;>

    Let’s bring up the iron curtain again, have fun drinking vodka and NOT talking about our governments! Then, when we’re drunk enough we can make a choir, sing old soviet marching songs until 5AM and then we can be the first in bread line in front of the bakery!

    We’re gonna party like it’s 1955! ;>

    • Kifa says:

      I was about to post a fragment of USSR national anthem, but I don’t think that I’d evade the imperialistic “IP ban” bomb dropped from a strategic bomber wearing redhead insignia. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      As another side note – I am really pissed off now at some of the politicians here in Poland. After the Smolensk disaster and death of the Presidential Pair they started something that can only be described as a start of civil war. They are constantly accusing Russia of murdering our president (what would Medviedyev and Putin ever achieve by that is a mystery to me) and they are turning citizens onto one another. My friend already experienced plain, outright hate and aggression when she opposed those claims. Plus – what is wrong with the fact that the coffin the President was transported back to Poland was made in Russia, not in Poland? Like seriously – what the f****** hell are they thinking? :/

      Sorry, I just needed to get that out of me… And I can’t join ya with vodka today – gotta be sober tomorrow, I’m driving…

      • Kifa says:

        Yeah… “As an another side note”, and substitute “wearing” with “bearing”… Post fixed… Probably. ;P

      • BigWhale says:

        It matters to people where the coffin was Polished!


      • Tobal says:

        Well, the Smolensk disaster is really a complicated matter. In fact, I think it really was caused by “someone”, who’s intention was to screw up the polish nation. The hungarian nation is already screwed up, but “they” couldn’t do anything to Poland… until now. But enough of conspiracy theories…
        Let the eastern european occupation on Nixie’s blog continue ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Kifa says:

          Well. Fine, but president has very, very little real authority in our country – he can say “no” to laws he finds bad in legislative terms, and he promotes some of the ministers and does other similar tasks, mostly representative. Even after death of Lech Kaczyล„ski nothing was really destabilised as the head Speaker of the Seimas took on his duties, and that is based in Constitution itself. So in terms of government, military and economy nothing really changed. Every military commander who died on that plane had his duties passed to each individual deputy, which is also clearly regulated. So no problem here.

          Whatever that “someone” achieved is only that the President became someone close to a martyr, the nation’s dislike for Russians grew even stronger and that’s really all. So I can’t see what would be the point of such a conspiracy. :]

          Besides – who lands an old plane on a small airport without any landing aid systems, with obsolete radar and inexperienced ground crew, flying blindly in thick fog and with disregard of each and every flight procedure? Or better yet – who the hell packs the presidential pair, most of military commanders and officials of high level into one freaking plane and tells the pilots to land no matter what because he’s late an hour because he just wanted to sleep longer? Like seriously…

          That pilot was already threatened by the President when he refused to land the same plane in Tibilisi during Russian-Georgia war. Yeah, go ahead, land an old civilian Tupolev on an airport that is under missile bombardment. Suuuure…

        • Ziarre says:

          Begun, the great itrennet education has.

  8. Walter says:

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