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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


I accidentally an Android Phone!

In the middle of reviewing the Droid Incredible, I got quite a surprise:

Learning later that I had accidentally booted into ‘hboot’ or the bootloader, it felt good to know that I did not blow up the phone that HTC had so kindly let me borrow.

What does this mean for my video, you ask? Despite my oblivious skills in super hacking, my review on the Incredible will be going up as planned by the mid to end of next week.

Foiled once again are my devious plans of procrastination, I’m so proud of myself. 😎


  1. Dominik says:

    look look what the display mirrors, there is steve jobs in the background 😀

  2. gameover1 says:

    Nah nixie just recovery mode

  3. DigitalPioneer says:

    Oh, let’s not get too proud of ourselves just yet, now. You got the bootloader, or SPL. That’s where you go to do low-level mods on the phone, such as changing the recovery image or radio firmware. Now, if you change the recovery image, THEN I’ll say you hacked it. But right now, it’s just like holding * and # while booting a RAZR. Nothing remotely hackish about it. Sorry. 😉

    Now, go here and hack it for real, then try it for a week and write a review. I guarantee, the results will be much better. 😀

  4. ConnorOBrien says:

    Now Nixie, you didn’t root the phone or anything (which would be bad) so let’s not get ahead of ourselves, just like @e3c8c358ad0a494993db17cee01b90ed:disqus said you didn’t hack it.

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