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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Nixie’s Holiday Contest for Gaming Memories!

Seasons Greetings! It’s about time for us to level up to year 2010, (you were able to tolerate me for an entire year).. and for that you deserve a gift! This time there’s $800 in prizes up for grabs, so listen up children!

The “What’s your best gaming memory?” Contest!

What you’ll win:

Your choice of:

  • 4 GB Mushkin Memory 996523 – 2x2GB XP2-6400 DDR-2 (designed to work at 800MHz with 4-4-3-10 timing settings and Vdimm between 1.9V and 2.1V)
  • New Left 4 Dead 2 game for XBox 360 with Limited Edition T-shirt!

Here’s how the contest works:

  1. Contest will run from December 25th to January 2nd.
  2. At the end of the contest, all entries will be shuffled and the prize winner will be chosen at random.
  3. You can enter multiple times, increasing your chance of winning!

How to Enter:

  1. Enter up to 6 times! (6 chances to win!)
  2. Video Responses count as an automatic 6 entries!
  3. Text replies count as 1 entry each.
  4. Write your positive gaming memories in Youtube comments, blog comments (located below) and @NixiePixel on Twitter titled: “My Gaming Memory is…”

Only 2 text posts on each site will be counted. For example: 2 replies on Twitter, 2 on blog, 2 on Twitter = 6 entries

:mrgreen: Non-winning memories will be featured periodically at the end of my gaming videos! :mrgreen:

This contest runs for only a week, enter while you can.. seasons greetings and good luck!


  1. Eric says:

    About 1996 I was playing Fatal Racing with a real nice thrustmaster steering wheel for hours and hours. Later that day I met with some friends for beers. When I got in the car I had to stop after a minute, breath deeply and tell myself “this is not the race track anymore”.

  2. Adam says:

    My Gaming Memory was playing Abes Oddysey when I violently spammed the fart button!

  3. Econael says:

    I fondly remember back when I was 5 years old and got Bionic Commando for the NES for xmas.
    I managed to beat it on new year the same year without knowing any english.

  4. Econael says:

    I also like to remember the rare occasions of UT3 instagib where I actually managed to tune down my active thinking (kinda like meditation), so that my reactions were quick enough to beat the insanely high set AI.

  5. Napo1321 says:

    Hello Nixie merry belated christmas!

    One of my favorites was at a lan party back in summer 2005, about 30 of us, we were playing UT (2k4 i think, or maybe the older one) until like 3. Then some pussied out and left or fell asleep and we switched to CS:S. Now I had never played CS so I was sucking it up horribly. So I just said fuck it and went with the knife. I remember slashing the shit out of everyone and singlehandedly winning like 5 or 6 straight rounds of 6 on 6.

  6. GRCooper says:

    One of my best memories was when I was at my school’s computer games club, having a UT LAN party, and I named my character “I_am_a_bot”, and in that level, I was kicking serious arse, and I heard several people calling out “Who is ‘I_am_a_bot’?!”. That continued for about half an hour until I gave myself away when I said “I got the redeemer! Yes!”, not realising a message popped up on everyone’s UI saying “I_am_a_bot has picked up the redeemer!” Doh!

  7. GRCooper says:

    Another would be when I was playing Star Wars Battlefront II on my PS2

    • GRCooper says:

      lol pressed enter by mistake ><

      Start again…

      Another would be when I was playing Star Wars Battlefront II on my PS2, playing as the CIS on Galactic Conquest. I was on the Kamino level as a sniper, and managed to score a headshot from one end of the stage to the other. I zoomed in fully, and saw a small portion of head bobbing across the screen, no larger than the dot on my crosshairs, across one of the walkways at the other side of the stage (this guy was mostly hidden by the walls on either side of the walkway, so think of the portion of head from eye level upwards), so I took my chances and shot. I saw the "Critical Hit" markers flash up in my crosshairs (indicating a headshot when against humanoids). I was like OMFG!!!!

  8. bp says:

    My fav gaming experience is the games I use to play on the Amiga. I had EV, Hostages, Lemmings, North & South, Populous and many more. And these experiences rate slightly more to me than playing Wizards of Wor and Go Go Ghost on the C64 … or even crashing the Sega megadrive :-\

  9. Simon says:

    One of my best gaming memories is when I got my NES. I was 5 or 6 years old and I had already played the game once or twice. I was crazy as F***. For me, it was the begining of a great adventure and discovery of Mario Bros. TNMT, Castlevania and so on… I also had a famicon cartridge that had 31 games on it, how awsome !

    Thanks for weaking up those sweet memories Nixie ! I have more to come !

  10. Sean says:

    My best gaming memory was just a few years back when I was home on leave visiting friends. I went over to my long time friends apartment to visit and play some good ol’ fashioned table top Dungeons and Dragons. I was really excited to play because he is an excellent story teller and is easily swept into the adventure of the moment. While we were rolling up characters someone walked through the door sat nearby while I was writing down some stats. I glanced over at this unfamiliar person and was shocked at this beautiful young lady sitting next to me. We were briefly introduced and began playing shortly after. We stayed up the whole night talking and watching movies. Night had come and went so quickly that we lost track of time. She called out of work because she was visiting from about 3 hours away and had no hopes of making it in on time. We spent the next few days together and she took me to the airport for what seemed like a sad farewell. We decided to stay in touch and call occasionally. Which progressed into daily and eventually we decided to get married. We are approaching 2 years now and loving every minute of our time together and still game daily (provided we have time). *Also wanted to add: CORSAIR 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Desktop Memory <–My favorite memory as I read it the first time (since it is my current memory) Thank you for the helpful, funny, and insightful videos that you continue to post!

  11. John Brall says:

    My fav memory would be playing Mario Brothers on my moms Apple 2 computer

  12. John Brall says:

    My fav memory would be playing Mario Brothers on my moms Apple 2 computer.

  13. Jant says:

    When I was 6 I managed to play Donkey Kong in Nintendo…It was a 3d adventure game…My uncle always plays it but he couldn’t reach to the top.When he stopped playing it,i erased all his saved games and start a new one.. I play everyday to reach to the top and beat the boss.I was just a kid that time i don’t know why i loved that game.until the time i reached the boss i push and push and push the button!Until the nintendo was broken my mother told me that she’s not going to buy me video games anymore coz i’m a real smasher.

  14. Streuner says:

    Hi Nixie,
    I remeber me and an old friend of mine playing on the Nintendo (not NES, the Classic ones with the Gamecartridges like huge Gameboy-Games) “Nintendo World Cup” for days. This game was so much fun! We loved to jump over the little stones on the field or shoot with full power nice goals. It was hard work to win the world cup, but it was completely worth it.
    Everytime I think of this I want to get an old Nintendo at eBay, but I guess it’s the same with most of the good all games: Today we are totally blinded by the graphics and most people would say, that this old games suck. I love this old Games! I LOVE PIXELS! Bring back the old time 😀 I mean, who needs Fifa if you can play a soccergame with just a directional pad and 2 Buttons.
    I guess that’s my best memory of my Gaminglive 🙂

  15. Anthony says:

    MY favourite gaming memory was prior to yr 2000. A couple of me and my friends would stay up all night at a Cyber Cafe playing various old school games such as Counter Strike, Halflife, Starcraft, etc…

  16. neek247 says:

    My first game i played on the pc was Half Life!

  17. neek247 says:

    Oh i also remember i was totally addicted to counter strike on the pc when i started playing pc games, sadly i no longer am because i dont have a gaming pc =\

  18. Help Desk Zombie says:

    1991 Captain America and the Avengers 4 player Arcade game.
    A friend of mine (will call him Buda) was the first person in my circle of friends to get to the end of the game. So he is fighting the Red Skull robot and it gets down to one hit between the two of them. Who ever lands it wins. Red Skull lands the shot and Buda is fishing through his pockets for another quarter in hopes of continuing the game and possibly beating it. He did not have the money and either did I.

    So the game is over and Buda goes crazy. He roars like a nut and somehow managed to get his arms around the machine. I am not sure if he just titled the machine or actually lifted it off the floor but I had to try to keep him from sending it through the front glass window of the store.

    Another was when I was a kid there was a store that had the table top arcade version of Galaxian. I played the hell out of that game and had so much fun.

    Thank you Nixie for the awesome vids and great site. Hope you enjoy the holidays. Good luck to all who posted.


  19. Mcninjaguy says:

    I remember playing through Morrowind for the first time and I could not believe how immersive and huge the world was. I basically started stealing everything I could find right away. I stole the blankets, the cutlery, pick pocketed people, stole their garden’s vegetables. The game always felt like people were just hiding items from me and I had to steal everything I possibly could. The loot potential was enormous. Eventually after many many hours of looting I found out that the game had a set limit of items I could drop around the game. The last item I dropped turned into a magical loot bag just sort of floating there. I found all of my cutlery and other useless items in their entirity, YAY!

    So there it is, Morrowind pretty much started my looting fascination.

  20. Mcninjaguy says:

    I remember playing GTA San Andreas and having a easier time running from the police on a bmx bike than a car. I had some mad bunny hopping skillz. Yes it with a z becasue everybody knows that the letter Z equals a +5 to coolness.

  21. michin says:

    I’ll never forget seeing my dad trying to hold an N64 controller and beating the crap out of a pikachu on super smash brothers.

  22. Music_geek says:

    Starting up the ‘Dirty Harry’ game in my NES console and hearing Clint Eastwood: “Go ahead, make my day.” The first video game to literally speak to me (of course that was the only moment of spoken dialogue in the entire game).

  23. Music_geek says:

    Opening up an issue of Nintendo Power mid-summer of ’91 and reading through at least six full pages dedicated to the upcoming release of the Super Nintendo; I had my Christmas gift picked out for the rest of the year.

  24. Sammy says:

    i reammber the time in 2001 when my dad brought in a ps2 i loved it like a brother but sadly one day it broke because my sister spiled water on it but on that same day i got a xbox! i got soo happy and later i got halo 1 and 2 GTA and all those games but when i got a xbox360 it got even better

  25. Joewbutler says:

    happy new year nixie

    My Gaming memory is: playing command and conquer tiberium sun with my best friend going head to head. we had just both discovered where each others base was and let each other know with a super weapon strike in between which were shocked “HI” comments received with an “owww” from the one receiving the blast. much fun was had in that skirmish.

  26. Zikoss says:

    I remember the first gaming console my father bought me, it was Sega Mega Drive clone but it was my first experience with games. I played for the first time Super Mario, Tank, Contra and ‘the hunting ducks’ game with my father, well it’s the first and last time we played together but it was great, we were there in front of the TV, the whole family watching. I played so long with it until I found a new passion: Arcade but this is another story 😀
    Happy new year to everyone

  27. Zikoss says:

    I played arcade for the first time. I played ‘Cadillacs and dinosaurs’ . Then I jumped into KOF. LOL, I spent playing it and beating opponents for 2 hours in a holiday until I got beaten by a new comer with a new style all that with only 0.1$, yeah so much fun for that little money, life is great 😉

  28. quibble says:

    Playing Super Mario on my friend’s gameboy, on this really long car trip, in the back of his volvo.

  29. Scooz says:

    My recent gaming memory would be playing MW2 Spec Ops, Breach and Clear on Veteran difficulty. Friend of mine came over, and we had troubles beating it in under 3 min, or getting anywhere’s NEAR the end. I don’t know how I did it, but I made it to the end, and I was waiting for my friend to finish up. He somehow gets hit into near death. He can’t use his gun, and I’m already down below, so I can’t help him. He crawled to the end, and we beat it finally. Our time = 2:59.90. Timer showed 0.1 on his screen lol

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