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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


No Aggro (WoW Song)

Why can’t we all just get along? This is a song I wrote about my WoW gnome character Ludith who wanted peace between the Horde and Alliance.

It’s also my present to you guys as well as my 5,000 + Youtube subscribers for sticking with me for an entire year as I rant, rave, and post my musings.
You brighten my day. 😛

Lyrics after the jump..


I was thinking that I might cry today
Because they killed me in the Undercity
It doesn’t take a skill set to be mean
Your aggro will crush things much like my spleen
So please be careful with me,
I’m a happy gnome And I’d like to stay that way.

You always tell me that it makes you really ‘kek’..
You say can’t be true good, and still be well specced,
Why’s it gotta be so complicated? Why do I gotta care if my armor is plated?
So please be careful with me, I’m benevolent, And I’d like to stay that way.

I was thinking that it would be really sweet
If we used foam weapons, when we PVP
Then we can concentrate on our professions
And start a new troll-hair braiding obsession
So please be careful with me, I’m hospitable And I’d like to stay that way.

I have this theory that if you’re told you’re Horde
Then you’ll beat up cute things whenever you get bored
But maybe if we are surrounded in XP
Leveling up together like we should be
‘Cause anyone can start a big duel it’s better yet to be more careful
I’d rather set my bind point in the inn of your heart

We are the Merry Alliance
Be careful with us ’cause we’d like to stay that way

Musical arrangement by InfinityShark
Lyrics and Vocals by NixiePixel
Parody from “I’m Sensitive” by Jewel


  1. Jank Hank says:

    Bravo! *applause*
    That was awesome =)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well done… but I think you should of thrown in a Leroy Jenkins at the end… on second thought your video was great without it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    awesome. what are you not good at? YOu are just too amazing 😀

  4. Torch says:

    WoW! Well done! But, I thought you weren’t playing WoW any more? Do you miss it that much?

    Ah well, I do miss it myself, sometimes…

  5. :clap: :clap: :clap:

    very nice work , u have it all !

  6. mobiletone says:

    augh! *sniff sniff* i’ll never be able to kill a happy gnome ever again 🙁

    oh well, back to stomping on fluffy bunnies 🙂

    nice work Nixie, just the way to roll into a sunny sunday [hugs]

  7. SammDogg says:

    That was awesome. Good job. You have a pretty singing voice.

  8. D4N says:

    Stop the violence in MMORPGs! 🙂

  9. Mike says:

    Lovely voice, Nixie.

  10. James says:

    It was a lovely song and I have it downloaded on my android… but i’ll still splat every gnome I see…

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