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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Oh no.. Nixie’s on the Radio!

Yesterday I joined the Off the Record Radio team for their show on All Digital Radio, and part of my interview was sharing my five favorite E3 moments.

Check out my Interview Here on OTR Radio! (ProTip: Skip forward 10 minutes to avoid the sound quality issues.)

  • Artist: DigitalCipher, mcs0083, Rusty J and Swoopina
  • Title: Off The Record
  • Genre: Pop culture, and current events
  • Year: 2010
  • Length: 59:00 minutes (27.01 MB)
  • Format: Mono 44kHz 64Kbps (CBR)

Special guest Nixie Pixel talks about her experience at E3 and the latest gadgets. MCS goes “GAGA” for Nixie, while surprisingly enough Lindsay Lohan didn’t do anything this week.. BUT of course Al Gore, Michael Jackson’s baby mama, and the nobody celebrity who takes over “Footloose” do not escape the wrath that is Off The Record! EXCLUSIVE CLIP FROM THE TWILIGHT SAGA INCLUDED! If it’s not Off The Record – it’s not Off The Record!

Hope you enjoy it!


  1. hoxbead says:

    You did well on the interview. That 1st question was from left field and not very technologically specific and I think you pulled it off. Yay for the open source plug!

  2. Neoreloaded says:

    Cool Interview. You were the only one talking who seemed to talk any think of interest. Its great that you can talk live without ‘Stuttering’ or ‘panicking and get right to the point – well done. That’s all i have to say because i am still trying to recover from the UK getting hammered today by the bloody Germans 🙁

  3. Feyd says:

    i wanna bang you hard. i’m in sacramento once a year, we can have a quick one. cheers.

  4. John C says:

    I used to be on a radio with a couple of friends, people think its complicated but once you are shown how to use the equipment it becomes easy.

    We had to stop doing the radio though due to creative differences, and our time was needed elsewhere.

    However if you want to get into being on the radio I would go for it, you just sit there for an hour (maybe more) blabbing away to the microphone.

    I have also interviewed people on air as well.

    Geeks would have loved our show since it was about gaming,films technology etc.

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