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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Play with Me on Sad Bastards Day..

Three Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Sucks:

1.) It’s a holiday that centers around gushy, mushy, flushy, ooey gooey emotional crap.

2.) Since it’s a consumer holiday everywhere you go you are reminded of the aforementioned gushy, mushy emotional crap.

3.) The chocolate candy will cause you to be diabetic, if you’re not already.

The Solution:

1.) Game with
2.) me on
3.) Sad Bastard’s Day!

..for I am Super Woman.

Really though, I haven’t decided what game I want to play…


I’ll be on Xfire later tonight (Saturday) and will be playing Sins of a Solar Empire and maaaybe give the 360 some vagina day love.
Add me to Twitter and I’ll tweet when I’m signed on.

p.s – Operation Alcohol in effect.

I was hoping for suggestions.
Here’s the choices (that I can think of) :

Gears of War 1 or 2
<3 COD 4
<3 Catan =p
<3 Guitar Hero or Rockband
<3 Sins of a Solar Empire (PC)
<3 Battlefield 2 or 2142 (PC)
<3 COD: World at War (PC)
<3 Half-Life (PC
<3 CS:S (PC)

I also was thinking about downloading Civilization Revolution.. but I’m a bit strapped for cash.
Either way, hanging out on the day of V is sure to give me the big O.

WARNING : I cannot guarantee I won’t be kicking back a few brewskis.. or wine, or grain alcohol. (kidding about the last one) 😛

What is everyone else playing? Or.. am I the only one staying home tomorrow. heehee. =/


  1. Jank Hank says:

    What do you mean download Civ Rev?
    I didn’t know it came out for PC…
    Anyway, my suggestion is either BF 2 or 2142.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to be around off and on all day, and being Mr. Mom all alone. So I will try and get some Horde on later in the evening, before that…..?

  3. Espen says:

    Heh, sad bastards day 😛 I suggest you play some COD 4 or World at war.

    I will probably spend the day playing WAR or Civ4 or M&B or L4D or.. well you get the picture 🙂

  4. hannah says:

    The Love Sucks Song!

    Featuring the largest all-lady youtube collaboration in history.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ll probably just play Rock Band and L4D a lot of today.

    Resentment for it or not, happy Sad Bastard Day, folks!

  6. Jank Hank says:

    I think you mean XBLM(arketplace); the only download I see being offered is a demo to the full version that’s available in stores. I don’t see any full version on XBLA…actually I’m quite positive it’s not there. Having said all that, why would you occupy your time with just a demo? I don’t think demos will cut it today lol.

  7. Kailys3 says:

    Wait, Halflife? Not HL 2? Heheh. I actually bought HL 1 off Steam semi-recently for memory’s sake. I petered out at the tentacle monster though. That thing still freaks the hell out of me.
    Siiiigh, I wish I had the money for Live still so we could play something together x.x
    Oh, and you forgot reason number 4- Said Chocolate also brings to light cavities you never knew you had :p

  8. forrest dumb says:

    you are very attractive,and all of my thougts about you is about share some strong pleasurable feelings and good vibrations with you,letting you live for few moments inside a Kiss….
    doe s not matter that you have a sorta of boyfriend,release yourself from the ties of square-minded-people rules…you are not a propriety,and a lot of boys and girls,want to share their strong emotions so deep with you,they want to write your kernel.
    i want your desire,i want to want to need what you want and give you all you get.
    so Nix,stay tuned on this frequencies,waiting for a buzz….this buzz will growing and growing inside you,that it becames higher,higher and stronger,and boiling and boiling like a hot water stream….

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