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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Play with Me This Sunday

Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Rear!

Poker Face

Don't blame me, a gal can't resist a bad pun.

If you’re up for the challenge, this Sunday is your day. The PokerStars prize pot is up to $250,000 for both deserving Texas Hold ‘Em poker gurus and newbies alike.

I’ll be there playing poker with you, chatting and giving away prizes. Say you’re like me and can’t even bluff at how bad you are at the game. It’s all good, GameZone is still giving away the chance to win 1 of 6 copies of Halo Reach & Madden NFL 11.

Poker Face (Explored fp)

Sadly, no dogs allowed =(

Tournament Starts:

This Sunday, August 29th – 3:30 PM EST (GMT -4)

NOTE: The tournament ID is #327010003 , but to make the game much easier to find be sure to visit the GameZone’s Game Night Page. (You may also want to register early.)

Good luck  and make sure to bring your poker faces!

P.S – I am happy to report that I’ve already heard back from some of you that have won an Xbox 360 Slim from the most recent contest. (while my white ol’ skool 360 sits blinking with the red ring of death)


  1. Mez says:

    EST is GMT – 5 🙂

    • Nixie says:

      Are you sure? Then the internets have lied to me! =(

      • BigWhale says:

        The difference comes because of the Daylight Saving Time (something that we need to get rid of anyway).

        During the summer EST is UTC-4, otherwise it is UTC-5.

        Oh and if you want to be really precise, then GMT shouldn’t be used anymore. UTC is teh shit nowadays. 😉

  2. Tekku says:

    Hi sadly i will not be able to play because i have no money to enter in the tournament…

    Anyway goodluck Nixie and other players 😉

    • Nixie says:

      I hear ya, I’ve been avoiding any kind of casino lately to try and save up for technology. I wish we could all hop online and play Monopoly instead! =D

  3. Scott Marlowe says:

    I was in Montana a few years back when I went by a place that was a liquor store and a casino. They had the sign out you’d expect…

    Another place was a steak house, has the sign “We serve vegetarians. Cows are vegetarians.”

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