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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Rapelay Revised – When the Line is Blurred

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article along with posting a video (both located here) regarding a video game based on raping women. It remains my most hated video to this day. It also remains one of my most watched. ;D

When you create something yourself it is difficult to see flaws in your work right off the bat. It is doubly difficult when your medium is video and you have to cut something down from 20 minutes to 2. Here I make one more stab at this political issue, hoping to bring more clarity to the surface:

As always, thanks for all your comments and support– if you haven’t commented already about this, I would love to know what people *not* from 4chan think about this one! :>>

Edit: I was told it’s a bit hard to write about this subject because of my lovely spam filter doing it’s job. Commenting in the Youtube video is also fine and dandy.. heehee.


  1. Jank Hank says:

    Very satisfactorily succinct. I wonder though…would it be worse if this game was pirated or know that someone actually paid for it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ll watch the video when I get home from work 🙂

  3. I think it’s a necessary evil to allow content like this to exist in the world. Whatever you might say about it, we’ve allowed the degradation and objectification of women in digital formats (porn) for quite a long time now. There is a line to be drawn, but the line is drawn between fantasy and reality, this game falls squarely into the realm of fantasy.

  4. or says:

    it’s bullshit!
    the political correct “colture” sucks ass
    its so hipocritical- say what the f you mean.
    im all for good and fun porn but is too much

    what i mean is this kind of video is pure evil.
    im saying it should be banned for life.

    i bet they wrote “no women was harmed during this game play “?

  5. Mark says:

    You look more tanned in the second video 😉

    Regarding the game, I would say for pragmatic reasons ban it. Not that I’m a great fan of censorship but this type of game has the ability to inflame public angst over computer games over and above that caused by any GTA/Manhunt game.

    This renewed and increased angst could lead to increasingly draconian censorship measures against games and series that I actually care about (Fallout 3 got censored by Australia and that in turn got translated through all copies of the game worldwide… thanks Australia *mutters*).

    So… ban the rapeplay game in order that the next GTA/adult game doesn’t get censored as part of a puritanical backlash against games in general.

  6. BigWhale says:

    So, there I go writing a rather lengthy comment on this subject and I get told that I should correct my errors since the comment contains illegal content.

    Blah! How can I post? 😛

  7. BigWhale says:

    Let me try someting …

    Probably every kind of se**al behavior comes from animals and is practiced by animals on a regular basis. Everything from r4p3 and s*x with minors to h0m0s3xual behavior and n3cr0philia. All that was done and practiced by some animals from birds to primates and marine mammals. So this kind of stuff is somewhat rooted in us too.

    Since Homo Sapiens Sapiens is more evolved we managed to overcome those needs to a degree. Violent behavior like that still happens, “good example” would be soldiers r4p1ng civilian women. First, killing men in combat then r4p1ng women. Conquering enemy on two fronts. It was happening in Vietnam, Iraq and will continue to happen.

    But since we’re “civilized” we condemn such behavior.

    Can one game satisfy my blood thirst? Can it satisfy my twisted and perverted s**ual needs?

    We see murder and rape all the time on TV, games are a little bit more immersive, but both is fantasy and as long as people know where the line is there will be no problems.

    This game should be properly labeled, marked and then sold, just like other games and movies with similar content.

    People practice r4p3-play during their everyday s**ual activity, I demand cams in every house (with a live feed of course!), so we can monitor and act on it. Right?

    But, but, but, … How will a young child know that this thing is a fantasy and the stuff shouldn’t be practiced? Basically the same way that young child knew that Little Red Riding Hood is a story and wolves really don’t go and dress up as ill grannies eating little girls.

    The real problem here is that parents nowadays forget about raising their own kids, telling them what is right and what is wrong. Most of the expect that kindergartens and schools and god know who else will take care of that.

    If parent failed in raising their kid then that kid will grow up in someone that will buy R4p3lay and go out practicing it on the streets, that same kid will go and practice COD, BF and GTA on the streets.

    We all have killer and r**e instincts in our genes, it is our education that can (and usually does) suppress it. It is the genotype + environment that makes phenotype. It is basic genetics from elementary school.

    Ok, that’s enough on a rather complex and debatable subject. 🙂

    PS: Instead of this ridiculous spam filter, try Akismet plugin.

  8. kyio says:

    if i had the sourcecode of the world i probably erase the part where somebody was thinking of creating a “game” like this. so it is no censorship at all 😉

  9. Drasky Vanderhoff says:

    Well my post ( the 4 of them O.o ) are in the youtube video. I’ll just give you something good from japan to kick out the bad smell that all of this get’s :
    UBUNCHU ( manga about ubuntu obviously ) 😀

  10. Anonymous says:

    If this game is only about raping women, then I think it should be banned. But then again once we start censoring and banning, we usually go too far with it…

    To be frank, I find myself torn between the non-offensive person in me and the liberal person in me….

    Anyways I’m not surprised you got flammed on Youtube, on Youtube the amount of flamming is usually proportional to the controversy of the video.

    ie. Flamming ∝ Video Controversy x The amount of assholes logged onto Youtube at any given time.

  11. lkj765 says:

    Wrote a bunch an spam filter kept me from posting it though. I’ll just try to say it in less words. In the game the rapist loses in the end. And I think that as a porn game its actually decent. Porn and real life have never been similar. At least the game has good animation. And I liked it more once the women started to enjoy themselves.

  12. crebralfix says:

    The number of rapes can be reduced if women would just use logic and arm themselves. Nothing like skilled use of a knife and gun to convince a rapist to seek easier prey elsewhere.

    But, for some silly reason, too many women refuse to learn to defend themselves…because it “feels” icky. It’s only AFTER they’ve been violently abused do they tend to understand what the right to keep and bear arms really means. It’s unfortunate that they have to live through a crime to come to that realization.

  13. I think a good question would be… Is it possible to insight intelligent conversation on YouTube?

  14. Jeff Brister says:

    Censorship is always a thorny issue. As you pointed out the key to the discussion is where do you draw the line? I remember getting into this discussion back when the whole “hot coffee” thing in GTA got everyone’s attention. I never understood what the big deal was, why it got so much media attention. So what, you can have sex. Big deal, everyone does it. Why is this being singled out in a game you can run down pedestrians, solicit prostitutes and blow the heads off cops.. etc?

    Anyway those people who suggest that nothing should ever be censored clearly haven’t thought it through or just don’t give a crap about society. I mean what’s next? a game where you are a pedophile stalking a neighborhood for children? The line does exist and that sick rapist game crossed it.

  15. factsmaid says:

    I find the game Rapelay not worth seeing nor buying for. Who in the right mind would create such and would patronize it?? I think as a parent, I’d rather have my child be addicted to games which I have the control over with rather than my kid be involved in drugs but not to this type of game. I’ve read tons of articles stating all the bad effects of video games but I’ve read an interesting article: and it changed my view on video games.

  16. anonimouse says:

    Nixie,ill bet one of your favorite maledom fantasies is this game…
    you wanna be hunted,by sorta a Patreon Nerd,and he turns you into her girlfriend hahahaha..

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