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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Real life Murders in the Name of Video Games? WTF.

I have a killer headache that has been alleviated by not aspirin, but an XBOX game. Isn’t it incredible how games allow you to escape your pain? And yet, people all over the world, (and some parts of U.S) are being denied this escape.

“Life is a video game. You’ve got to die sometime.”

Words from a teen criminal to officers as he was being arrested after killing 3 men and hijacking a patrol car. Lawsuits abound, as his crime supposedly mirrored that of “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.”

It is because of people like him that we have huge problems with censorship. In Australia, Fallout 3 is banned completely for drug references. In Brazil, you face a $11,000 finefor owning Counterstrike.
Such harsh censorship in supposed “democratic” nations is plainly unfair. How can we make them see that these restrictions are misguided?

In general,We play games to take us away from reality, not to bring those games to real life.

So, who should suffer the consequences of these misguided teens killing in the name of video games? The parents or the childs’ role model. Instead, we ban a games purchase entirely, for children or adults. We have to stop trying to legislate morality and put the responsibility back in the hands of the very people that can help these kids know right from wrong.


  1. essi2 says:

    Parents are responsible for what games their kids play, but everyone has to suffer because of the actions of a hand full of nut cases 🙁

  2. jayk1993 says:

    its not that or what games we play
    its how the person is treated in real life

    ive played Counterstrike with my co students in school
    and lost even more games then we played(??!!)
    i also played games with more gore then that watched mobies i shouldnt and what happend???

    right; nothing!!
    if somone gets mobbed at work or school he/she doesnt need a game
    to run amok or commit suicide
    its happening because how people are treated and thats what we have to make better. not the games

  3. jayk1993 says:

    i meant movies above

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